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Chichester, Sussex, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 50.836639, Longitude: -0.780178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clear, Alfred J  1945Chichester, Sussex, England I22430
2 Heath, Henry  1839Chichester, Sussex, England I19521
3 Proudley, Frederick William J  19 Sep 1904Chichester, Sussex, England I22454
4 Proudley, Sandra  1944Chichester, Sussex, England I22458
5 Sayer, Mary Ann  10 Mar 1822Chichester, Sussex, England I22104
6 Scott, Henry Thomas  1883Chichester, Sussex, England I23241
7 Scott, Walter William  22 Mar 1863Chichester, Sussex, England I23247
8 Steer, Arthur  1930Chichester, Sussex, England I23224
9 Stubbs, Veronica Ann  20 Aug 1950Chichester, Sussex, England I22747


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Marjorie Annie  1969Chichester, Sussex, England I22364
2 Allen, Reginald Thomas  1976Chichester, Sussex, England I23219
3 Antell, Ethel Mary  1959Chichester, Sussex, England I23250
4 Austin, Patricia Ivy  1993Chichester, Sussex, England I26287
5 Bignell, Hilda Violet L  Sep 1983Chichester, Sussex, England I29666
6 Bull, Jessie Evelyn  12 Oct 2012Chichester, Sussex, England I22740
7 Bull, Laura L  19 Apr 2005Chichester, Sussex, England I22844
8 Bull, William G  Sep 2005Chichester, Sussex, England I22842
9 Butters, Nathaniel  1981Chichester, Sussex, England I20773
10 Capon, Leonard  1954Chichester, Sussex, England I19282
11 Carver, Cyril Edward  Jul 1992Chichester, Sussex, England I23252
12 Clear, Alfred J  1954Chichester, Sussex, England I22430
13 Cleaver, John Leonard  Oct 1984Chichester, Sussex, England I10063
14 Coombes, Alice Lavinia  1943Chichester, Sussex, England I23697
15 Goble, Emily  8 Dec 1931Chichester, Sussex, England I23216
16 Harwood, Eliza  1930Chichester, Sussex, England I23268
17 Hayter, Bessie May  Apr 1992Chichester, Sussex, England I23254
18 Hayter, Doris K  Nov 1997Chichester, Sussex, England I23253
19 Hayter, Ethel Rosemary  Jul 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I23251
20 Hayter, Florence  1980Chichester, Sussex, England I23223
21 Hotston, Albert Edward  Dec 1971Chichester, Sussex, England I23802
22 Hotston, Alice Lavinia  1954Chichester, Sussex, England I23700
23 Hotston, Alma Annie  Jun 1989Chichester, Sussex, England I23806
24 Hotston, Beatrice Nellie  Dec 1977Chichester, Sussex, England I23804
25 Hotston, Edward  1926Chichester, Sussex, England I23682
26 Hotston, George  1941Chichester, Sussex, England I23683
27 Hotston, George  4 Aug 1965Chichester, Sussex, England I23698
28 Hotston, Harry Gordon  1917Chichester, Sussex, England I23807
29 Ide, Jane  1947Chichester, Sussex, England I23671
30 Jones, Myra Rachel  1992Chichester, Sussex, England I15030
31 Maynard, Emily  1958Chichester, Sussex, England I23664
32 Pearse, Mary Jane  Aug 1985Chichester, Sussex, England I2154
33 Peer, George Elsley  Dec 1984Chichester, Sussex, England I14168
34 Peer, Peggy  Nov 1999Chichester, Sussex, England I14167
35 Petzold, Henry  31 Mar 1991Chichester, Sussex, England I26223
36 Polhill, Albert George  Sep 2003Chichester, Sussex, England I22737
37 Proudley, Frederick William J  1 Nov 1985Chichester, Sussex, England I22454
38 Roach, James  Mar 2002Chichester, Sussex, England I28917
39 Russell, Annette  13 Dec 1966Chichester, Sussex, England I22749
40 Scott, Henry Mitchell  1946Chichester, Sussex, England I23235
41 Sewell, Stanley John  Jun 1998Chichester, Sussex, England I8312
42 Simmonds, Herbert Frank  1980Chichester, Sussex, England I17142
43 Steer, Annie  1935Chichester, Sussex, England I23234
44 Steer, Arthur  1931Chichester, Sussex, England I23224
45 Steer, Evie Grace  Dec 1991Chichester, Sussex, England I18633
46 Steer, Ida Kathleen  Jan 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I18635
47 Steer, Sidney William Edward  Nov 1984Chichester, Sussex, England I23222
48 Stokes, Ralph R.M.  Mar 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I18520
49 Stubbs, Albert  13 Apr 1935Chichester, Sussex, England I22371
50 Stubbs, Dora Kathleen  1 Nov 1985Chichester, Sussex, England I22367
51 Stubbs, Frederick Charles  Jun 1984Chichester, Sussex, England I22080
52 Stubbs, Ruby Alice  1973Chichester, Sussex, England I22359
53 Stubbs, Violet May  Jul 2003Chichester, Sussex, England I22362
54 Stubbs, Walter John  15 Oct 2011Chichester, Sussex, England I22363
55 Stubbs, William Albert  2002Chichester, Sussex, England I22750
56 Tozer, Amy Louise  Feb 1985Chichester, Sussex, England I10462
57 Tozer, Charles Wright  Nov 1994Chichester, Sussex, England I23182


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clear / Stubbs  1935Chichester, Sussex, England F5422
2 O'Sullivan /   1949Chichester, Sussex, England F5430
3 Polhill / Stubbs  1944Chichester, Sussex, England F5496
4 Proudley / Stubbs  1931Chichester, Sussex, England F5428
5 Scott / Goldring  1883Chichester, Sussex, England F5619
6 Simmonds / [Simmons]  1978Chichester, Sussex, England F4255
7 Stubbs / Bull  1947Chichester, Sussex, England F5497
8 Stubbs / Smith  1935Chichester, Sussex, England F5420
9 Turrell / Stubbs  1944Chichester, Sussex, England F5522