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The Sad Case of Olive Mitchell

Written by Lynne Cleaver, an expert researcher from Tetbury, in Gloucestershire, England

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Olive Mitchell was the youngest daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Mitchell [nee Mallen]. Thomas was born in Laycock where he worked as an agricultural labourer for some time before his marriage to Mary Ann Mallen on 29 April 1855 at St Mary's, Tetbury. By 1855 he was working as a fishmonger and living on Market Place.

Olive Elizabeth was born in 1864 and christened at the parish church on 22 December 1870. Late christenings seemed to happen for most of Thomas and Mary's children so I suspect they were not regular church attendees. Olive grew up on Market Place, with her parents, as had her older sisters Mary Jane and Anne.

By the age of 14 Olive worked in the family shop which was a fishmongers and grocers on Market Place with the family living above the shop. Her father Thomas died in 1891, leaving her in charge of running the shop with her mother who died just four years later. Olive was truely on her own now. The trade directories list her as a coal dealer and merchant, and a grocer. It would appear that they started dealing in coal in the early 1880s. A quite varied range of products then - from fishmonger and grocer, to grocer and then coal dealer! The neighbouring premises became Williams fishmongers so whether it was the same business or another is not known yet.

In the March of 1900 Olive aged 35, was admitted to the Gloucester Asylum. In June she was sufficiently recovered and was described by Dr Craddock 'as sane as any person could possibly be' so he allowed her to be discharged as long as she agreed to stay in the Tetbury workhouse for a month's probation. This she did readily as she was eager to be home. She was given into the care of Mrs Cleaver, a lady from Tetbury used to such cases. She was described as 'a competent and trustworthy person' and frequently engaged as an escort to patients. They caught the train from Gloucester on Thursday 28th June and arrived in Kemble at 4.20 that day where stationmaster John William Boyd was on duty. He spoke to the ladies but Olive was 'as odd as ever' and wouldn't speak.

As the ladies waited for their transport to Tetbury Mrs Cleaver went to fetch herself a drink of water from the water point on the other platform, an act which she would forever regret. Whilst she was gone Olive flung off her hat and cape onto the platform and jumped onto the track a few yards in front of a goods train which had slowed down as it pulled into the station. It was just after 5 o'clock. Her body was found under the third wagon but she was still alive. Despite the best efforts of those around to help her she died within the hour.

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