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Kelston, Somerset, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.40177593070745, Longitude: -2.4318408966064453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bletchly, Judith  1636Kelston, Somerset, England I6165
2 Cryer, Betty  1696Kelston, Somerset, England I6160
3 Cryer, Betty  1700Kelston, Somerset, England I6170
4 Cryer, James  1665Kelston, Somerset, England I6168
5 Cryer, Joan  1665Kelston, Somerset, England I6169
6 Cryer, John  1632Kelston, Somerset, England I6164
7 Cryer, John  1662Kelston, Somerset, England I6166
8 Cryer, Judith  1659Kelston, Somerset, England I6167
9 Cryer, Mary  1703Kelston, Somerset, England I6162
10 Cryer, Mary  1732Kelston, Somerset, England I6156
11 Cryer, Phoebe  1708Kelston, Somerset, England I6163
12 Cryer, William  1668Kelston, Somerset, England I6158
13 Cryer, William  1697Kelston, Somerset, England I6161
14 Monger, John  8 Apr 1787Kelston, Somerset, England I2607
15 Monger, Mary  1779Kelston, Somerset, England I2604
16 Monger, Mary  28 Nov 1784Kelston, Somerset, England I2606
17 Noah, Mary  Oct 1764Kelston, Somerset, England I2605
18 Patty, Ann  1701Kelston, Somerset, England I10693
19 Taylor, Charles James  Cal 1839Kelston, Somerset, England I6145
20 Taylor, Elizabeth  Cal 1839Kelston, Somerset, England I6128
21 Taylor, John  Cal 1845Kelston, Somerset, England I6141
22 Taylor, Sarah Ann  Cal 1841Kelston, Somerset, England I6140
23 [Cryer], Phoebe  Abt 1666Kelston, Somerset, England I6159


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cryer, Betty  24 Sep 1696Kelston, Somerset, England I6160
2 Cryer, Betty  28 Oct 1700Kelston, Somerset, England I6170
3 Cryer, James  12 May 1665Kelston, Somerset, England I6168
4 Cryer, Joan  10 Sep 1665Kelston, Somerset, England I6169
5 Cryer, John  10 Apr 1662Kelston, Somerset, England I6166
6 Cryer, Judith  14 Feb 1659Kelston, Somerset, England I6167
7 Cryer, Mary  16 Jul 1732Kelston, Somerset, England I6156
8 Cryer, William  19 Sep 1668Kelston, Somerset, England I6158
9 Cryer, William  1697Kelston, Somerset, England I6161
10 Noah, Mary  7 Oct 1764Kelston, Somerset, England I2605


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bletchly, Judith  1668Kelston, Somerset, England I6165
2 Cryer, Betty  1756Kelston, Somerset, England I6170
3 Cryer, James  1724Kelston, Somerset, England I6168
4 Cryer, Joan  1726Kelston, Somerset, England I6169
5 Cryer, John  1667Kelston, Somerset, England I6164
6 Cryer, John  1730Kelston, Somerset, England I6166
7 Cryer, Judith  1725Kelston, Somerset, England I6167
8 Cryer, Mary  1743Kelston, Somerset, England I6162
9 Cryer, Phoebe  1768Kelston, Somerset, England I6163
10 Cryer, William  1748Kelston, Somerset, England I6158
11 Cryer, William  1753Kelston, Somerset, England I6161
12 Grey, Mary  Jun 1779Kelston, Somerset, England I2440
13 Monger, Mary  1780Kelston, Somerset, England I2604
14 Monger, Mary  Sep 1780Kelston, Somerset, England I2445
15 Patty, Ann  1770Kelston, Somerset, England I10693
16 Veal, Mary  4 Jan 1845Kelston, Somerset, England I13434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Grey, Mary  13 Jun 1779Kelston, Somerset, England I2440
2 Monger, Mary  12 Sep 1780Kelston, Somerset, England I2604
3 Monger, Mary  12 Sep 1780Kelston, Somerset, England I2445
4 Noah, Mary  23 Nov 1809Kelston, Somerset, England I2605


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Monger / Noah  19 May 1784Kelston, Somerset, England F695