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Hendon, Middlesex, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.5879763518377, Longitude: -0.22899627685546875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brewis, Doreen A C  1913Hendon, Middlesex, England I17451
2 Brewis, Eileen P  1915Hendon, Middlesex, England I17452
3 Brewis, Victor W  1912Hendon, Middlesex, England I17450
4 Goddard, Norman Alfred  28 Sep 1935Hendon, Middlesex, England I11048
5 Haddock, Dorothy Jessie  11 Jun 1902Hendon, Middlesex, England I11403
6 Hill, James Henry  1894Hendon, Middlesex, England I17186
7 Hortop, Alma Lilian  31 Dec 1898Hendon, Middlesex, England I18270
8 Marmion, Dorothy  1904Hendon, Middlesex, England I21379
9 Mitchell, Elizabeth Annie  19 Oct 1906Hendon, Middlesex, England I14435
10 Mitchell, William Henry  2 Aug 1933Hendon, Middlesex, England I14445
11 Mitchell, Winifred Grace  1940Hendon, Middlesex, England I14443
12 Oldaker, Edith Emily M  1899Hendon, Middlesex, England I18519
13 Wooster, Eric J  25 Jul 1914Hendon, Middlesex, England I12390
14 Wooster, Frank Edward  1916Hendon, Middlesex, England I12391
15 Wooster, Frederick Victor  22 Oct 1912Hendon, Middlesex, England I3963
16 Wooster, Hannah Elizabeth  18 Mar 1916Hendon, Middlesex, England I3965
17 Wooster, Leonard Albert  19 Apr 1911Hendon, Middlesex, England I8216
18 Wooster, Olive  2 Dec 1910Hendon, Middlesex, England I8250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arden, Elizabeth Ada  1951Hendon, Middlesex, England I14432
2 Baker, Charles Henry John  1940Hendon, Middlesex, England I14481
3 Barber, Ann  Jun 1927Hendon, Middlesex, England I20003
4 Barber, Elizabeth  Jun 1909Hendon, Middlesex, England I20002
5 Barber, Garnet  1904Hendon, Middlesex, England I19998
6 Batten, Leonard John  1975Hendon, Middlesex, England I15781
7 Breakspear, Thomas Alfred  26 May 1931Hendon, Middlesex, England I11832
8 Butters, Emma Elizabeth  1975Hendon, Middlesex, England I20766
9 Cleaver, George Whitfield  1973Hendon, Middlesex, England I2264
10 Cleaver, Ivy V  1943Hendon, Middlesex, England I21108
11 Cleaver, John Henry Thomas  1965Hendon, Middlesex, England I2263
12 Cooper, Rudolph Paul  1948Hendon, Middlesex, England I22027
13 Dodimead, Ivy Louise  1903Hendon, Middlesex, England I8523
14 Dodimead, Winifred Ellen  1903Hendon, Middlesex, England I8527
15 Edwards, Alice Maud  1961Hendon, Middlesex, England I28330
16 Elstone, May Ethel  1965Hendon, Middlesex, England I23986
17 Garraway, Emma  1930Hendon, Middlesex, England I3481
18 Goldfinch, Sir Arthur Horne K.B.E.  1945Hendon, Middlesex, England I22178
19 Hacking, Susie Winifred Joy  1971Hendon, Middlesex, England I15684
20 Hammersley, William Henry  1951Hendon, Middlesex, England I1088
21 Hawkins, Launcelot Augustus  Mar 1978Hendon, Middlesex, England I23597
22 Hole, Catherine Emily Louisa  Dec 1940Hendon, Middlesex, England I29613
23 James, Mary  1943Hendon, Middlesex, England I20855
24 Maggs, Tursus  1925Hendon, Middlesex, England I20847
25 Milton, Selina  1936Hendon, Middlesex, England I23935
26 Rick, Alice Elizabeth  Jun 1971Hendon, Middlesex, England I23586
27 Rick, Charles Thomas  Sep 1994Hendon, Middlesex, England I23583
28 Roberts, Sarah Dyer  1901Hendon, Middlesex, England I28153
29 Tozer, Hilda Beatrice  1976Hendon, Middlesex, England I18377
30 Wooster, Albert  1941Hendon, Middlesex, England I29365
31 Wooster, Arthur  Sep 1941Hendon, Middlesex, England I3435
32 Wooster, Charles Joseph  15 Aug 1912Hendon, Middlesex, England I3433
33 Wooster, Emily Charlotte  1905Hendon, Middlesex, England I23926
34 Wooster, George  6 Apr 1886Hendon, Middlesex, England I8129


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Batten, Rayner Derry  2 Apr 1871Hendon, Middlesex, England I15661
2 Winterbotham, Elsie Ruth  31 Mar 1901Hendon, Middlesex, England I15774


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Batten, Rayner Derry  2 Apr 1871Hendon, Middlesex, England I15661
2 Winterbotham, Elsie Ruth  31 Mar 1901Hendon, Middlesex, England I15774


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bass / Milton  1931Hendon, Middlesex, England F5765
2 Butters / Cummings  9 Oct 1881Hendon, Middlesex, England F5055
3 Hill / Wooster  1918Hendon, Middlesex, England F4257
4 Marmion / Moore  18 Nov 1869Hendon, Middlesex, England F6161
5 Mitchell / Baker  6 Mar 1933Hendon, Middlesex, England F3641
6 Mitchell / Wills  1939Hendon, Middlesex, England F3642
7 Sewell / Franklin  1906Hendon, Middlesex, England F2213
8 Shepherd / Hughes  28 Nov 1903Hendon, Middlesex, England F1241
9 Sutherland / Wooster  17 Mar 1934Hendon, Middlesex, England F2199
10 Wooster / Benn  2 Dec 1906Hendon, Middlesex, England F963
11 Wooster / Burton  1896Hendon, Middlesex, England F926
12 Wooster / Earl  17 Jun 1933Hendon, Middlesex, England F1062
13 Wooster / Garraway  1898Hendon, Middlesex, England F934
14 Wooster / Haddock  1925Hendon, Middlesex, England F2947
15 Wooster / Jones  1930Hendon, Middlesex, England F2339