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Windsor, Berkshire, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.479995, Longitude: -0.605995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Elizabeth Doreen  10 Nov 1929Windsor, Berkshire, England I28749 Mitchell Families 
2 Barton, Frederick Walter George  28 Mar 1916Windsor, Berkshire, England I28748 Mitchell Families 
3 Barton, Gladys Maud  29 Mar 1921Windsor, Berkshire, England I28751 Mitchell Families 
4 Edwards, William George  1913Windsor, Berkshire, England I28374 Mitchell Families 
5 Edwards, William Peter  21 Feb 1933Windsor, Berkshire, England I28232 Mitchell Families 
6 Emony, Sarah Haynes  Cal 1815Windsor, Berkshire, England I20438 Mitchell Families 
7 Goff, George  Cal Jan 1901Windsor, Berkshire, England I12301 Mitchell Families 
8 Hayter, Florence  21 Oct 1904Windsor, Berkshire, England I23223 Mitchell Families 
9 Jones, Maud  1882Windsor, Berkshire, England I6424 Mitchell Families 
10 Nutley, Anthony Albert Cyril  1934Windsor, Berkshire, England I28573 Mitchell Families 
11 White, Lillian Kate  19 Sep 1906Windsor, Berkshire, England I7997 Mitchell Families 
12 [Milton], Emma  Cal 1840Windsor, Berkshire, England I23929 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Elizabeth Doreen  27 Jun 1934Windsor, Berkshire, England I28749 Mitchell Families 
2 Edwards, Roger William Peter  Dec 2002Windsor, Berkshire, England I28250 Mitchell Families 
3 Goddard, Archibald George  Dec 1990Windsor, Berkshire, England I8594 Mitchell Families 
4 Pearson, Agnes Louisa Luxford  1928Windsor, Berkshire, England I28245 Mitchell Families 
5 Sermon, William  1959Windsor, Berkshire, England I28906 Mitchell Families 
6 Tilbury, Reginald John  1981Windsor, Berkshire, England I19810 Mitchell Families 
7 Wilson, Elsie May  Dec 1944Windsor, Berkshire, England I28911 Mitchell Families 
8 Wooster, Beatrice Eveline  1962Windsor, Berkshire, England I3587 Mitchell Families 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton / Edwards  1 Sep 1913Windsor, Berkshire, England F6862 Mitchell Families 
2 Barton / Heal  1939Windsor, Berkshire, England F6964 Mitchell Families 
3 Edwards / Hawken  6 Dec 1911Windsor, Berkshire, England F6859 Mitchell Families 
4 Edwards / McPherson  17 Dec 1918Windsor, Berkshire, England F6863 Mitchell Families 
5 Edwards / Pearson  12 Feb 1912Windsor, Berkshire, England F6838 Mitchell Families 
6 Edwards / Poynter  11 Sep 1938Windsor, Berkshire, England F6907 Mitchell Families 
7 Edwards / Reid  30 Sep 1906Windsor, Berkshire, England F6860 Mitchell Families 
8 Edwards / Vasey  1953Windsor, Berkshire, England F6831 Mitchell Families 
9 Eggleton / Horsley  1977Windsor, Berkshire, England F4089 Mitchell Families 
10 King / Vasey  1950Windsor, Berkshire, England F7028 Mitchell Families 
11 Sermon / Roffey  1951Windsor, Berkshire, England F7001 Mitchell Families 
12 Sermon / Sherwood  1949Windsor, Berkshire, England F6999 Mitchell Families