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Mitchells of Lacock and Tetbury - Is there a link?

There are many recorded Mitchell families both in Lacock, Wiltshire and in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. These places are less than 20 miles apart. I've been trying to establish a link between these two Mitchell families for some time. All I have is that one Thomas Mitchell, born in Lacock, ended up in Tetbury running a grocer's shop. He lived and worked only 2 houses away from an established Tetbury Mitchell family. Is there a a link between them?
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Who was George Benjamin?

All we know about George is that he was born around 1851, in Horton, Gloucestershire and died in 1875 in Wales. In the 1861 census (aged 10), he is described as "Grandson" to Robert and Ruth (née Benjamin) Drew. At that time, Ruth was only 25 years of age and so it is unlikely, though not impossible, that she is the mother of George. Ruth had 2 older sisters (at least).
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 Mystery Photos

The Marriage of Violet Wooster and James Hill (1918)

In this photograph taken at the wedding of James and Violet (front row, to the right of centre), we can identify only 3 other people. Front right is Reginald Wooster, Violet's younger brother. Behind, and slightly to the left of James, is George and (Mary) Annie Wooster, Violet's parents. Can you identify anyone else in this photograph? If so, please get in touch.
Who was George Powell's father?

This is part of the scan of George Powell's marriage to Sarah Geeves which took place on 30 May 1869 in Hereford, England. Can you help identify George's father?
Monger families c.1900 in Swansea, Wales

The two boys on the left could be Lewis Monger and his brother William, but others in this photograph have yet to be identified, If you think you might know who they could be, please get in touch. The photograph was found at the home of William Frank Powell after his death in early 2010. William's mother was Gillian Monger.
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Could this be Albert LANGABEER?

This photo from Sue Langabeer, clearly has the groom in a Sailor's uniform. We aren't aware of any Sailors in this family, although Albert did spend some time (c.1911) on the Training Ship 'Cornwall' which was run by Royal Navy staff. Can anyone identify either the bride or the groom?
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Who are these children?

They are probably children of one of the Bassett families from Randwick or surrounds in Gloucestershire, England. They look like siblings, so does anyone know who they are, or could be?
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Who is this woman?

This photograph is dated 18 August 1888 and is probably a Bassett or Bassett wife. Can anyone confirm that, or identify her?
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Who is this woman?

This photograph could be a Bassett or Bassett wife. Anyone confirm that, or identify her?
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Gertrude Garron or Gertrude Bassett?

Can you help identify who exactly the younger woman in this picture is? Here is what we know...... In the 1920 Rhode Island census, there is a Gertrude Bassett described as the daughter of Frank and Alida Bassett. However, there are a number of contradictions:

1. There is no birth record in the Rhode Island registers.
2. No appearance in the 1910 census (born after the census?).
3. In the 1930 census, there is one Gertrude Garron, aged 20, single, father English, mother Swedish. There is a birth record for "this" Gertude - 11 Jan 1910, mother given as Grace Garron, no father recorded. Living as a "lodger" in the home of Frank and (2nd wife) Alida Bassett.

The following questions need to be answered and any thoughts and contributions would be welcomed:

1. Who was Grace Garron?
2. What happened to Gertrude after 1930?
3. Was Frank Bassett, Gertrude's father as a result of an affair?

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Who is this man?

He is either a Stokes, or is connected with, or married to a Stokes. Anyone help to identify him?
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Who is this woman?

Possibly a Stokes, but does anyone recognise this woman?
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Who are these people?

Possibly a Stokes couple, but can anyone put a name to them?
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