Distinguished Service Medal

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The D.S.M. Level 3 Gallantry Award

Distinguished Service Medal (Obverse)
Distinguished Service Medal (Reverse)

The D.S.M. was established on 14th October 1914. It was an award for bravery whilst on active service at sea and was for Royal Navy personnel, members of other Services and other Commonwealth countries who held rank up to and including Chief Petty Officer. It is made of silver.

On the reverse there was an inscription "For Distinguished Service". Bars were awarded for subsequent actions and the date of the action during the First World War was given on the reverse of the bar. Recipients of the medal are entitled to use the letters D.S.M. after their name.

The Distinguished Service Medal (D.S.M.) is equivalent to the Military Medal (M.M.), the Distinguished Flying Medal (D.F.M.) and the Air Force Medal (A.F.M.).