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Migrant Ships

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SS Aberdeen


Media TitleSS Aberdeen
Media NotesThe Aberdeen was designed as the first steamship in the fleet of the Aberdeen Line, intended for high speed service between the United Kingdom and Australia and the Far East. She was constructed at Govan in the shipyard of Robert Napier & Sons on Clydeside, Scotland. The senior partner at Napier's was "Doctor" Alexander Carnegie Kirk, a talented engineer who had experimentally fitted the world's first "triple expansion" compound steam engine to a ship called Propontis in 1874. In the Aberdeen, Kirk installed a refined version of his engine, resulting in a ship that has been described as "one of the masterpieces of British shipbuilding". This ship proved the advantages of the new type of engine, which would continue to power major vessels throughout the world for the next seventy years.

Aberdeen had clipper bows and three barque-rigged masts. There was accommodation for 45 first and 650 third class passengers.
DateAdded 7 Jan 2014
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