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Wiltshire, England


County or Shire : Latitude: 51.1707332235306, Longitude: -2.35382080078125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Butler, James  Cal Oct 1840Wiltshire, England I8649
2 Harris, Samuel  Cal 1821Wiltshire, England I9631
3 Hillier, James  1836Wiltshire, England I20906
4 Hillier, Louisa  1832Wiltshire, England I20907
5 Hobbs, Hannah  Est 1752Wiltshire, England I8494
6 Ladd, Betsy  Cal 1839Wiltshire, England I5405
7 Maggs, Thomas  2 Mar 1751Wiltshire, England I13619
8 Mitchell, William  Abt 1772Wiltshire, England I1511
9 Morse, Emma  1838Wiltshire, England I3998
10 Newton, Harriet  Abt 1837Wiltshire, England I1820
11 Pearce, Jane  Cal 1831Wiltshire, England I9749
12 Pearce, John  Est 1780Wiltshire, England I21504
13 Pearce, Rebecca  Cal 1825Wiltshire, England I21553
14 Perkins, Sophia  Cal 1791Wiltshire, England I9630
15 Pile, John  Abt 1779Wiltshire, England I5800
16 Porter, Ellen  Abt 1879Wiltshire, England I27156
17 Quinland, Margaret  Cal 1819Wiltshire, England I7156
18 Ricketts, John  Cal 1819Wiltshire, England I5725
19 Ricketts, Mary  Cal 1815Wiltshire, England I5724
20 Ricketts, Robert  Cal 1814Wiltshire, England I5726
21 Scott, Ada  1876Wiltshire, England I249
22 Scott, Albert  1874Wiltshire, England I248
23 Scott, Arthur  1872Wiltshire, England I247
24 Scott, Ellen  1878Wiltshire, England I250
25 Scott, Ernest  1879Wiltshire, England I251
26 Snell, Cadelia  Cal 1832Wiltshire, England I10375
27 Snell, Grace  Cal 1816Wiltshire, England I10373
28 Tompson, John  1752Wiltshire, England I8493
29 Watts, Mark  Est 1842Wiltshire, England I8147
30 Wiltshire, Sarah  Cal 1806Wiltshire, England I1510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Ellen  4 Dec 1956Wiltshire, England I5744
2 Andrews, James  Bef 1841Wiltshire, England I27634
3 Collier, Elizabeth  1886Wiltshire, England I779
4 Hillier, Louisa  1837Wiltshire, England I20907
5 Lear, Dorothy M  2007Wiltshire, England I27185
6 Mitchell, Jonathan  2 Feb 1779Wiltshire, England I9587
7 Newton, Harriet  1902Wiltshire, England I1820
8 Pearce, John  Bef 1851Wiltshire, England I21504
9 Pearce, Moses Elsop  2 Feb 1884Wiltshire, England I21506
10 Pearce, Rachel  1884Wiltshire, England I21507
11 Pearce, Sarah  1881Wiltshire, England I21518
12 Webb, Ann  26 Oct 1800Wiltshire, England I9588


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Duckett / Pearce  1915Wiltshire, England F5219