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Wandsworth, London, England


Area, Suburb, Parish or Registration District : Latitude: 51.456776, Longitude: -0.192722


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Ann  Est 1828Wandsworth, London, England I7946
2 Bartlett, George Richard  1844Wandsworth, London, England I27673
3 Bell, George Henry  14 Dec 1911Wandsworth, London, England I7920
4 Cleaver, Doreen Lilian  20 Feb 1913Wandsworth, London, England I18339
5 Cleaver, Edward Thomas  1890Wandsworth, London, England I10153
6 Cleaver, Eleanor Louise  1889Wandsworth, London, England I10152
7 Cleaver, Sydney Barrett  19 Apr 1893Wandsworth, London, England I10167
8 Couling, Leslie Walter  29 Oct 1900Wandsworth, London, England I16450
9 de Rusett, Georgina Hyder  18 Sep 1843Wandsworth, London, England I11550
10 Devine, James Charles  2 Sep 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7912
11 Dodimead, Alice  1 Jul 1893Wandsworth, London, England I1299
12 Elmore, Herbert Leslie  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7592
13 Elstone, May Ethel  4 May 1900Wandsworth, London, England I23986
14 Fisher, Louisa Harriet  1857Wandsworth, London, England I7951
15 Goodale, Rose Queenie Violet  29 Aug 1913Wandsworth, London, England I8217
16 Hallett, James Frederick G  5 Dec 1914Wandsworth, London, England I7922
17 Hammersley, Frederick Alexander M  18 May 1897Wandsworth, London, England I1034
18 Hammersley, Letitia Alice  18 Aug 1898Wandsworth, London, England I1035
19 Hunter, Alice Lilian  1905Wandsworth, London, England I7913
20 Hunter, Christina Florence  1911Wandsworth, London, England I7917
21 Hunter, Earnest William Albert  21 Jan 1909Wandsworth, London, England I7915
22 Hunter, Ellen Annie  1896Wandsworth, London, England I7907
23 Hunter, Elsie Ivy Florence  1900Wandsworth, London, England I7909
24 Hunter, Ethel Ruby  1903Wandsworth, London, England I7911
25 Hunter, May Dorothy  1915Wandsworth, London, England I7921
26 Hunter, Rosina Francis  1894Wandsworth, London, England I7905
27 Hunter, Violet Doris  17 Sep 1912Wandsworth, London, England I7919
28 Knowles, Philip Henry  24 Feb 1911Wandsworth, London, England I12801
29 Monger, Anthony Thomas  1850Wandsworth, London, England I4629
30 Monger, Jane Ann  Cal 1849Wandsworth, London, England I4628
31 Newman, Harry John Francis  9 Sep 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7910
32 Pickett, George Philip  1915Wandsworth, London, England I13522
33 Pickett, James William  1918Wandsworth, London, England I13523
34 Pollitt, Alan Francis L  6 Nov 1902Wandsworth, London, England I29566
35 Smithson, John William T  1903Wandsworth, London, England I22981
36 Sturgeon, Thomas John  10 Dec 1889Wandsworth, London, England I19460
37 Sturgeon, William Jacob  7 Apr 1894Wandsworth, London, England I19471
38 Taplin, Charles A  1912Wandsworth, London, England I6799
39 Taplin, John Francis  27 Nov 1919Wandsworth, London, England I1307
40 Windebank, Charles  1895Wandsworth, London, England I7906
41 Windebank, George  1868Wandsworth, London, England I7950
42 Windebank, Henry Stephen  1859Wandsworth, London, England I7948
43 Windebank, James Abraham  1864Wandsworth, London, England I7938
44 Windebank, James William  12 Aug 1858Wandsworth, London, England I7947
45 Windebank, Mary Ann  1862Wandsworth, London, England I7949
46 Windebank, Maurice John  10 Jan 1925Wandsworth, London, England I7934
47 Winterbotham, Doreen Joan  4 Nov 1912Wandsworth, London, England I15796
48 Winterbotham, Kenneth Hubert Holmes  7 Dec 1909Wandsworth, London, England I15795
49 Winterbotham, Rosemary Kathleen Gertrude  4 Aug 1903Wandsworth, London, England I15797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Winterbotham, Rosemary Kathleen Gertrude  14 Sep 1903Wandsworth, London, England I15797


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, George Henry  Oct 1985Wandsworth, London, England I7920
2 Bennett, Elsie Mary L  1949Wandsworth, London, England I18506
3 Betson, Mary Elizabeth  1952Wandsworth, London, England I19590
4 Broadway, Charlotte  Apr 1986Wandsworth, London, England I4579
5 Broadway, George Stanley  1964Wandsworth, London, England I17321
6 Cleaver, Florence Amy  1879Wandsworth, London, England I10159
7 Cleaver, George James  1926Wandsworth, London, England I10147
8 Cleaver, Herbert Henry  1924Wandsworth, London, England I10162
9 Cleaver, John Joseph  1940Wandsworth, London, England I10214
10 Cleaver, John Thomas  1924Wandsworth, London, England I10142
11 Cornell, Emma Webster  1956Wandsworth, London, England I18121
12 Cross, Jane  1919Wandsworth, London, England I10213
13 de Rusett, Dorothea May  Oct 1987Wandsworth, London, England I14593
14 de Rusett, Ursula Clara  22 Feb 1960Wandsworth, London, England I14579
15 Dodimead, Alice  Sep 1990Wandsworth, London, England I1299
16 Dodimead, David  1896Wandsworth, London, England I23827
17 Dodimead, Dorcas  1970Wandsworth, London, England I956
18 Dodimead, Frederick  1956Wandsworth, London, England I1298
19 Dodimead, Maria  Mar 1978Wandsworth, London, England I958
20 Dodimead, Rose Emily  May 1995Wandsworth, London, England I1309
21 Dodimead, William  1918Wandsworth, London, England I1300
22 Ferguson, Ronald Haddon  3 Apr 1940Wandsworth, London, England I25015
23 Hallett, James Frederick G  Sep 2004Wandsworth, London, England I7922
24 Hunter, May Dorothy  1974Wandsworth, London, England I7921
25 Hunter, Violet Doris  Sep 1985Wandsworth, London, England I7919
26 Knowles, Philip Henry  1971Wandsworth, London, England I12801
27 Kretschmer, Louisa Pauline  1926Wandsworth, London, England I23832
28 Leyland, John Elphich  1893Wandsworth, London, England I17944
29 Mackey, Mary Ann  1883Wandsworth, London, England I19126
30 Martin, Mary Ann  1882Wandsworth, London, England I19124
31 Nowell, John Langmead  1945Wandsworth, London, England I21329
32 Pelluet, Ernest Alfred  Dec 1984Wandsworth, London, England I5424
33 Pelluet, Gilbert Ernest  Feb 2007Wandsworth, London, England I23826
34 Penny, Stanley Charles  1975Wandsworth, London, England I23831
35 Pickett, George Philip  1980Wandsworth, London, England I13522
36 Snell, Daisy Joyce  10 Mar 1993Wandsworth, London, England I12773
37 Switzer, Alexander  Mar 1980Wandsworth, London, England I1310
38 Waterman, Caroline  1899Wandsworth, London, England I25041
39 Webber, Harriet  1922Wandsworth, London, England I16600
40 Wooster, Albert  13 Nov 1927Wandsworth, London, England I7795
41 Wooster, Arthur Charles W  2 Nov 1918Wandsworth, London, England I3484
42 Wooster, Clara Eliza B  1904Wandsworth, London, England I11496


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7946
2 Baker, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7946
3 Baron, Frances Sarah  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7904
4 Cleaver, Charlotte Louisa  2 Apr 1911Wandsworth, London, England I10141
5 Hunter, Ellen Annie  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7907
6 Hunter, Elsie Ivy Florence  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7909
7 Hunter, James Henry  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7822
8 Hunter, Rosina Francis  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7905
9 Monger, Anthony Thomas  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I4629
10 Monger, Anthony Wilson  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I2784
11 Monger, Jane Ann  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I4628
12 Rix, Susannah  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I2786
13 Windebank, George  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7950
14 Windebank, Henry Stephen  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7948
15 Windebank, Henry Stephen  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7948
16 Windebank, James  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I7945
17 Windebank, James  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7945
18 Windebank, James  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7945
19 Windebank, James Abraham  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7938
20 Windebank, James William  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7947
21 Windebank, James William  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7947
22 Windebank, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Baker, Mary Ann  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7946
2 Cleaver, Charlotte Louisa  2 Apr 1911Wandsworth, London, England I10141
3 Hunter, James Henry  31 Mar 1901Wandsworth, London, England I7822
4 Monger, Anthony Wilson  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I2784
5 Windebank, James  30 Mar 1851Wandsworth, London, England I7945
6 Windebank, James  7 Apr 1861Wandsworth, London, England I7945
7 Windebank, James  2 Apr 1871Wandsworth, London, England I7945


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 de Rusett, Ursula Clara  22 Feb 1960Wandsworth, London, England I14579


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bell / Hunter  1932Wandsworth, London, England F2123
2 Broadway / Long  10 Sep 1887Wandsworth, London, England F1220
3 Broadway / Wallis  1900Wandsworth, London, England F1195
4 Butler / Pelluet  1911Wandsworth, London, England F5928
5 Cleaver / Boutall  1886Wandsworth, London, England F2685
6 Cleaver / Elliott  1910Wandsworth, London, England F4518
7 Cleaver / Hale  1896Wandsworth, London, England F2686
8 Devine / Hunter  1924Wandsworth, London, England F2119
9 Dodimead / Gray  1920Wandsworth, London, England F362
10 Elmore / Spikins  1926Wandsworth, London, England F2041
11 Hallett / Hunter  1936Wandsworth, London, England F2124
12 Heard / Oldfield  1928Wandsworth, London, England F5559
13 Hogg / Ellis  1882Wandsworth, London, England F2605
14 Hunter / Baron  23 Dec 1893Wandsworth, London, England F2115
15 Knowles / Snell  1943Wandsworth, London, England F3260
16 Newman / Hunter  19 Mar 1920Wandsworth, London, England F2118
17 Ottewell / Brandon  18 Feb 1874Wandsworth, London, England F2965
18 Payne / Hunter  1929Wandsworth, London, England F2120
19 Penny / Dodimead  1929Wandsworth, London, England F5744
20 Smithson / Wooster  1934Wandsworth, London, England F5561
21 Taplin / Dodimead  1943Wandsworth, London, England F367
22 Van Bruggen / King  3 Mar 1909Wandsworth, London, England F5690
23 Veal / Murphy  26 Jul 1898Wandsworth, London, England F3411
24 Windebank / Baker  1855Wandsworth, London, England F2130
25 Windebank / Fisher  1880Wandsworth, London, England F2131
26 Windebank / Hunter  1919Wandsworth, London, England F2116
27 Windebank / Onyett  1888Wandsworth, London, England F2129
28 Winterbotham / Dower  5 Jan 1910Wandsworth, London, England F3932
29 Woods / Hunter  1929Wandsworth, London, England F2122
30 Wooster / Hyatt  1922Wandsworth, London, England F7171