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Torbay RD, Devonshire, England


Area, Suburb, Parish or Registration District : Latitude: 50.45501218341754, Longitude: -3.5564804077148438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gibbons, Edward G  25 May 1891Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I11648 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aggett, Leslie George  Jul 1992Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I24466 Mitchell Families 
2 Aggett, William Henry  Dec 2000Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I24468 Mitchell Families 
3 Back, Harold William  26 Aug 2003Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I711 Mitchell Families 
4 Ball, Helen Mary  Oct 1984Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I8530 Mitchell Families 
5 Battershill, Frederick Robert  Mar 1988Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I21292 Mitchell Families 
6 Berry, Charles Frank  20 Nov 1978Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3884 Mitchell Families 
7 Boon, Arthur Thomas  1982Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I19902 Mitchell Families 
8 Boyle, Ellen Catherine  Oct 1986Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I29047 Mitchell Families 
9 Brooking, Percival James  Jul 1988Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I18034 Mitchell Families 
10 Brooking, Ronald Llewelyn  Dec 2005Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I555 Mitchell Families 
11 Brunt, John Francis  1981Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I21293 Mitchell Families 
12 Clements, Ernest  1974Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I19965 Mitchell Families 
13 Clements, Violet M  Feb 2003Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I19966 Mitchell Families 
14 Crocker, Miles Anthony  1979Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I9784 Mitchell Families 
15 Cross, Ethel Elizabeth  1974Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15169 Mitchell Families 
16 Dodimead, Sidney Ernest  Dec 1995Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I8525 Mitchell Families 
17 Edwards, Cyril Llewellyn  20 Sep 2004Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I513 Mitchell Families 
18 Elliott, Petrea  Nov 1988Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15811 Mitchell Families 
19 Farley, Harry Salisbury  1971Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I8462 Mitchell Families 
20 Gane, Hilda Florence  1982Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3790 Mitchell Families 
21 Gibbons, Edward G  1976Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I11648 Mitchell Families 
22 Goad, Edwin Thomas Danton  May 1989Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3070 Mitchell Families 
23 Hallett, William Ivor  Mar 2002Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I19967 Mitchell Families 
24 Hammond, Laura  Sep 1970Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I24590 Mitchell Families 
25 Hargest, Emlyn John  Apr 1997Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I7450 Mitchell Families 
26 Hunter, Alfred  Jan 1985Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I16120 Mitchell Families 
27 Hunter, Reginald George  May 1988Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I16122 Mitchell Families 
28 Jacques, Rachel Florence  Apr 1992Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I7451 Mitchell Families 
29 Langabeer, Alec  Mar 2005Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I12987 Mitchell Families 
30 Lewis, Frederick John  1976Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15182 Mitchell Families 
31 Lloyd, Edith Georgina  Aug 1993Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I18679 Mitchell Families 
32 Mitchell, Lilian Mary  Aug 1989Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15174 Mitchell Families 
33 Nancekivell, Gertrude Ellen  1981Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I17680 Mitchell Families 
34 Nowell, Gladys Evelyn  Jun 1996Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I1029 Mitchell Families 
35 Olding, Daisy May  Jun 1969Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I24696 Mitchell Families 
36 Pearse, Beatrice May  1983Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15178 Mitchell Families 
37 Pearse, Frederick William  1978Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15170 Mitchell Families 
38 Pearse, Violet Elsie Annie  1976Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I15179 Mitchell Families 
39 Pearse, Winifred Betty  Oct 1995Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I525 Mitchell Families 
40 Pett, John George A.  2 Nov 1970Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I505 Mitchell Families 
41 Sanders, Arthur George HW  Oct 2005Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I7607 Mitchell Families 
42 Smalridge, Stephen Mark  15 Feb 1987Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I709 Mitchell Families 
43 Stagg, Albert Charles  May 1991Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I29044 Mitchell Families 
44 Stokes, Arthur Henry  Aug 1985Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I742 Mitchell Families 
45 Stokes, Dorothy Louise  9 May 1979Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I504 Mitchell Families 
46 Stokes, Marjorie Kathleen  28 Dec 1993Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I508 Mitchell Families 
47 Stokes, Ralph Leonard  1 Jul 1977Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I498 Mitchell Families 
48 Stokes, Sidney James  Dec 1989Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I741 Mitchell Families 
49 Stokes, Violet Mary  28 Apr 1972Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I501 Mitchell Families 
50 Tunkin, Clara May  Jun 1988Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3304 Mitchell Families 
51 Tunkin, Daisy  1990Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3261 Mitchell Families 
52 Webber, Francis St Hilaire  Apr 1984Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I16799 Mitchell Families 
53 Westacott, Lily Florence  1980Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I8457 Mitchell Families 
54 Westacott, Norman Alexander  1977Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I8459 Mitchell Families 
55 Western, Frederick Walter L  1983Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I13066 Mitchell Families 
56 Winsor, Albert Edward  Feb 1994Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3003 Mitchell Families 
57 Winsor, Charlotte Ebet  1975Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3541 Mitchell Families 
58 Winsor, Frederick Milford  1971Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I3351 Mitchell Families 
59 Winsor, William John  1968Torbay RD, Devonshire, England I19907 Mitchell Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowell / Torrance  1972Torbay RD, Devonshire, England F133 Mitchell Families 
2 Brooking / Nathan  1976Torbay RD, Devonshire, England F147 Mitchell Families