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Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England


Notes: The recorded history of Tetbury begins in AD681, when King Ethelred of Mercia issued a charter granting land near "Tette's Minster" to the Abbot and Monks of Malmesbury. Yet there is evidence that Tetbury was in existence as early as the Iron Age when there was a hill fort here.

One of the oldest streets in Tetbury was Harper Street, home to many of the Cleaver families and a few Mitchells. Harper Street became West Street between 1917 and 1930 although the exact reason for this is unclear. Many of the residents of Harper Street were employed in the Wool and Cloth trades which had been the making of Tetbury as a prosperous Cotswold town.

The trading of wool rather then the manufacture of cloth was the original source of the towns wealth and it was the decline in the local cloth making that began the inevitable loss of the trade in the town during the 1800's and eventually became less prosperous having been unable to attract much industry from the revolution that began to sweep the rest of the country.

Nevertheless the town has remained much the same as a century or more ago although having grown in size it still retains much of its heritage. The area is once again prosperous although industry still shuns the town and major high street stores are missing, Tetbury is still a wealthy place with many antique shops replacing older businesses and several of the small general shops display the Prince of Wales Feathers for services to HRH Prince Charles who lives just outside the town at nearby Doughton.

The spire of the parish church of St Mary the Virgin dominates the skyline and, as the fourth highest in the country, it can be seen on almost all approaches to the town.

City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.637227, Longitude: -2.159649


Tetbury, c.1907
Tetbury, c.1907
I acquired this postally used postcard at auction. It is a view of Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Taken from the Cottage Hospital area, it is a view of Fox Hill (the main road into Tetbury from Malmesbury). On the left can be seen the spire of St Mary's Church. The postcard is date stamped 1907.

Tetbury Today
Tetbury Today
This collage of four photographs, shows West Street (previously Harper Street) as it is today (2006).

Top Left: A view of West Street looking west. On the right hand side of the street (opposite the parked cars), many of the old cottages have been demolished to make room for a car park. The cottages that now stand just beyond the car park (on the right) were built in the early 1990's on the site of the Prince of Wales Inn, known locally as the "Drum and Monkey".

Top Right: Still looking west, this view, further along West Street is of some of the original cottages of "Harper Street".

Bottom Left: This photograph is looking east towards the town centre. On the left, are the relatively new cottages that replaced the Prince of Wales Inn, with the new car park beyond that. In the centre, the spire of the parish church of St Mary the Virgin can clearly be seen.

Bottom Right: From it's junction with "Harper Street" this view, looking west is of Cotton's Lane.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Charles Edward  1879Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10491
2 Andrews, Fanny Martha  1882Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10493
3 Andrews, Fanny Martha  1882Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1491
4 Andrews, Phillip  1888Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10495
5 Andrews, Rosanna  1886Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10494
6 Andrews, William Thomas  1876Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10490
7 Baily, Mary  1716Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25875
8 Baker, Phoebe  1794Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
9 Barnfield, Maria  1795Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
10 Barrett, Ann  1806Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27652
11 Barrett, Elizabeth  1815Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I355
12 Barrett, Esther  1801Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27650
13 Barrett, Fanny  1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
14 Barrett, Harriet  1812Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27653
15 Barrett, Henry  1804Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27651
16 Barrett, James  1798Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27649
17 Barrett, Jane  1818Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I18371
18 Barrett, Richard  1781Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27647
19 Barrett, Thomas  1763Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I18370
20 Barrett, Thomas  1787Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27648
21 Batton, John  Est 1726Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5894
22 Beard, Ada  1873Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3406
23 Beard, Annie Maria  1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24273
24 Beard, Eli  1849Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
25 Beard, Fanny  Sep 1880Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3410
26 Beard, Frederick Robert  1876Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3408
27 Beard, Harriet  1878Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3409
28 Beard, Henry George  1875Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3407
29 Benjamin, Georgina  1876Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I187
30 Bennett, Rachel  Abt 1686Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I635
31 Best, Alfred Cox  12 Sep 1921Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3642
32 Best, Ella H  1910Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24211
33 Best, Elsie Annie  14 Jul 1908Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24210
34 Bignell, Rosa  1859Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27618
35 Bishop, Dennis  1834Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25837
36 Bishop, Eliza Ann  1857Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
37 Bishop, Esther  1804Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25862
38 Bishop, Esther  1840Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25838
39 Bishop, Fanny  1864Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
40 Bishop, Flora Jane  1866Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
41 Bishop, Francis Edward  1887Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25832
42 Bishop, Henry  1718Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25881
43 Bishop, Hester  1780Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25867
44 Bishop, James  1720Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25882
45 Bishop, James  1830Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
46 Bishop, Jane  1722Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25883
47 Bishop, Jane  1739Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25874
48 Bishop, Jane  1791Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25858
49 Bishop, John  1711Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25879
50 Bishop, John  1765Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25885
51 Bishop, John  1782Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25868
52 Bishop, John  1802Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25861
53 Bishop, John  1824Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25839
54 Bishop, John  1832Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25844
55 Bishop, Joshua Smith  1801Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25860
56 Bishop, Lydia  1795Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25857
57 Bishop, Maria Jane  1838Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25843
58 Bishop, Marianne  1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25840
59 Bishop, Mary  1725Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25884
60 Bishop, Mary  1746Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25873
61 Bishop, Mary  1828Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25841
62 Bishop, Mary Ann  1808Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25863
63 Bishop, Maude  Aug 1890Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25851
64 Bishop, Nicholas  1716Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25870
65 Bishop, Richard  1713Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25877
66 Bishop, Richard  1770Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25852
67 Bishop, Richard  1793Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25834
68 Bishop, Richard  1827Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
69 Bishop, Richard James  1859Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25827
70 Bishop, Samuel  1741Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25872
71 Bishop, Samuel  1743Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25855
72 Bishop, Samuel  1776Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25866
73 Bishop, Samuel  1790Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25856
74 Bishop, Thomas  Abt 1717Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25880
75 Bishop, Thomas  1778Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25869
76 Bishop, Thomas  1797Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25864
77 Bishop, Thomas  1836Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25842
78 Bishop, William  1798Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25859
79 Bishop, William  1862Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25828
80 Bishop, William James  1889Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25831
81 Bone, Annie D  1912Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I18280
82 Box, Virgin  Est 1640Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I620
83 Brown, Elizabeth  1847Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I253
84 Browne, Mary  1658Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I398
85 Clark, Alice Emily  1894Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8600
86 Clark, Bessie  1885Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I311
87 Clark, Elizabeth Jane  1884Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8596
88 Clark, Frederick George  1864Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I312
89 Clark, Harriet Mary  1884Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8597
90 Clark, Minnie Elizabeth  1890Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8599
91 Clark, William George H  1888Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8598
92 Clarke, Hannah  Est 1764Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5832
93 Cleaver, Ada  1867Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2948
94 Cleaver, Ada Annie Francis  1 Sep 1895Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I65
95 Cleaver, Ada May  1910Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5227
96 Cleaver, Albert  1865Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I271
97 Cleaver, Albert John  1870Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I278
98 Cleaver, Albert May  1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I15438
99 Cleaver, Alfred  22 Aug 1859Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2945
100 Cleaver, Alfred  1862Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I217

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Baily, Mary  3 Feb 1716Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25875
2 Baker, Phoebe  11 Dec 1794Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
3 Barnfield, Maria  15 Mar 1795Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
4 Barrett, Elizabeth  18 Feb 1816Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I355
5 Barrett, Jane  21 Jun 1818Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I18371
6 Barrett, Thomas  6 Jul 1763Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I18370
7 Bishop, Dennis  23 Feb 1834Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25837
8 Bishop, Esther  16 Oct 1804Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25862
9 Bishop, Henry  28 Sep 1718Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25881
10 Bishop, Hester  8 Jun 1780Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25867
11 Bishop, James  7 Nov 1720Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25882
12 Bishop, James  25 Dec 1830Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
13 Bishop, Jane  15 Sep 1722Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25883
14 Bishop, Jane  4 Oct 1739Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25874
15 Bishop, Jane  27 Nov 1791Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25858
16 Bishop, John  5 Apr 1711Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25879
17 Bishop, John  3 Nov 1782Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25868
18 Bishop, John  10 May 1802Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25861
19 Bishop, John  2 May 1824Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25839
20 Bishop, John  25 Nov 1832Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25844
21 Bishop, Joshua Smith  23 Mar 1801Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25860
22 Bishop, Lydia  3 May 1795Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25857
23 Bishop, Maria Jane  15 Jul 1838Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25843
24 Bishop, Marianne  22 May 1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25840
25 Bishop, Mary  25 Jun 1725Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25884
26 Bishop, Mary  20 Apr 1746Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25873
27 Bishop, Mary  25 Dec 1828Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25841
28 Bishop, Mary Ann  25 Dec 1808Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25863
29 Bishop, Nicholas  23 Aug 1716Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25870
30 Bishop, Richard  22 Nov 1713Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25877
31 Bishop, Richard  22 Oct 1770Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25852
32 Bishop, Richard  7 Jul 1793Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25834
33 Bishop, Richard  2 May 1827Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
34 Bishop, Samuel  15 Jul 1741Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25872
35 Bishop, Samuel  19 Jun 1743Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25855
36 Bishop, Samuel  9 Jun 1776Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25866
37 Bishop, Samuel  11 Apr 1790Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25856
38 Bishop, Thomas  5 Feb 1778Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25869
39 Bishop, Thomas  22 Jan 1797Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25864
40 Bishop, Thomas  21 Feb 1836Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25842
41 Bishop, William  29 Dec 1798Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25859
42 Cleaver, Ada Annie Francis  3 Nov 1895Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I65
43 Cleaver, Albert  25 Dec 1865Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I271
44 Cleaver, Albert John  9 Feb 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I278
45 Cleaver, Alfred  18 Sep 1859Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2945
46 Cleaver, Alfred  2 Jul 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I204
47 Cleaver, Alice  15 Dec 1625Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I423
48 Cleaver, Alma Amelia  7 May 1899Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I450
49 Cleaver, Amelia  22 Aug 1791Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6306
50 Cleaver, Ann  26 Apr 1722Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I394
51 Cleaver, Ann  31 Dec 1780Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6300
52 Cleaver, Ann  20 Feb 1848Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I364
53 Cleaver, Anna Maria  10 Sep 1802Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I329
54 Cleaver, Bartholomew  3 Jun 1754Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I372
55 Cleaver, Bessie Georgina  5 Sep 1909Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I314
56 Cleaver, Charles  8 Aug 1802Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I444
57 Cleaver, Charles  8 Aug 1802Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
58 Cleaver, Charles George  2 Oct 1865Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I273
59 Cleaver, Clara Annie  13 Apr 1879Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I282
60 Cleaver, Delilah  7 Feb 1869Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I276
61 Cleaver, Edith Alice  23 Mar 1913Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I316
62 Cleaver, Edward  2 Jan 1738Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I379
63 Cleaver, Edward  23 Jan 1780Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I446
64 Cleaver, Edward Henry  22 Nov 1905Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5224
65 Cleaver, Edwin  5 Sep 1858Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I267
66 Cleaver, Eliza Fisher  18 Jul 1822Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24574
67 Cleaver, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1774Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I429
68 Cleaver, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1776Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I430
69 Cleaver, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1791Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6303
70 Cleaver, Elizabeth  16 Aug 1835Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I138
71 Cleaver, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I192
72 Cleaver, Elizabeth Mary  5 Aug 1883Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3412
73 Cleaver, Elizabeth Mary  22 Nov 1905Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5222
74 Cleaver, Ellen  29 Nov 1854Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I257
75 Cleaver, Emily  28 Jul 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2946
76 Cleaver, Emily Ann  7 Jan 1872Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I279
77 Cleaver, Emily Jane  3 Apr 1892Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I971
78 Cleaver, Emma  24 May 1850Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I146
79 Cleaver, Emma Daw  6 Sep 1874Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I159
80 Cleaver, Enoch  20 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I360
81 Cleaver, Ernest  4 Nov 1869Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I274
82 Cleaver, Ernest George  19 Aug 1896Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I288
83 Cleaver, Esau  24 Jul 1844Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I234
84 Cleaver, Eva  7 May 1899Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I452
85 Cleaver, Fanny  24 May 1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I361
86 Cleaver, Fanny  12 Mar 1868Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I202
87 Cleaver, Frances  25 Mar 1819Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I225
88 Cleaver, Francis  28 Mar 1669Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I410
89 Cleaver, Francis Robert  3 Nov 1895Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I972
90 Cleaver, Frank Reginald  30 May 1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I76
91 Cleaver, Frederick  25 Apr 1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I125
92 Cleaver, Frederick  7 Dec 1862Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I270
93 Cleaver, Frederick John  18 Jun 1899Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I289
94 Cleaver, George  19 Mar 1693Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I674
95 Cleaver, George  9 Nov 1708Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I373
96 Cleaver, George  5 Mar 1812Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I440
97 Cleaver, George  6 Mar 1832Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I231
98 Cleaver, Henrietta  30 Jan 1785Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6304
99 Cleaver, Henry  18 Jun 1782Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6302
100 Cleaver, Henry  22 May 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I358

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayres, Elizabeth May  21 Nov 1973Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I464
2 Baker, Phoebe  1864Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
3 Barnfield, Maria  1860Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
4 Barrett, Elizabeth  1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I355
5 Barrett, James  1870Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27649
6 Bathe, Jane Edith  1920Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5513
7 Batton, John  Nov 1729Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5894
8 Beard, Ann  23 Feb 1863Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
9 Beard, Eli  1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
10 Bennett, Rachel  2 May 1720Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I635
11 Best, William Charles  1917Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24204
12 Bignell, Daniel  1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I20597
13 Bignell, George  1885Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27610
14 Bignell, Thomas  1867Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27605
15 Bishop, Francis Edward  1922Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25832
16 Bishop, Henry  19 Feb 1723Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25881
17 Bishop, Jane  11 Oct 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25858
18 Bishop, John  12 May 1713Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25879
19 Bishop, John  24 Apr 1787Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25868
20 Bishop, John  27 Oct 1824Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25839
21 Bishop, John  22 Dec 1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25885
22 Bishop, John  6 May 1833Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25844
23 Bishop, Joshua Smith  10 May 1801Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25860
24 Bishop, Lydia  1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25857
25 Bishop, Marianne  30 Nov 1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25840
26 Bishop, Maude  1892Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25851
27 Bishop, Nicholas  10 Jun 1787Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25870
28 Bishop, Richard  24 Sep 1849Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25834
29 Bishop, Richard  24 Sep 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25852
30 Bishop, Richard  1878Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
31 Bishop, Samuel  16 Sep 1742Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25872
32 Bishop, Samuel  1873Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25856
33 Bishop, Thomas  28 Feb 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25842
34 Bishop, William  1869Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25859
35 Blackwale, Sarah  1854Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I328
36 Bond, Sarah  1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27615
37 Box, Virgin  2 Oct 1706Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I620
38 Chandler, Harriet  1877Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25655
39 Chapman, Mary Ann  1913Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11071
40 Cleaver, Ada  1877Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2948
41 Cleaver, Albert John  1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I278
42 Cleaver, Albert May  1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I15438
43 Cleaver, Alfred  1869Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2945
44 Cleaver, Alfred  14 Aug 1962Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I969
45 Cleaver, Ann  1852Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6655
46 Cleaver, Annie  1880Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I155
47 Cleaver, Charles  13 Jun 1872Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
48 Cleaver, Charles  1900Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I482
49 Cleaver, Edith Alice  1916Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I316
50 Cleaver, Edward  1738Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I379
51 Cleaver, Edward  4 Jul 1781Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I446
52 Cleaver, Edwin  1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I230
53 Cleaver, Eliza  1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I6295
54 Cleaver, Eliza  1844Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I235
55 Cleaver, Elizabeth  1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2934
56 Cleaver, Elizabeth  27 Dec 1938Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I192
57 Cleaver, Emma  1869Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I146
58 Cleaver, Enoch  1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I360
59 Cleaver, Esau  1880Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I234
60 Cleaver, Fanny  Jul 1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I361
61 Cleaver, Florence Emily  1894Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I449
62 Cleaver, Frances  1883Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I225
63 Cleaver, Francis  23 Feb 1741Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I410
64 Cleaver, Frank  Mar 1930Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I75
65 Cleaver, Frederick  Between 25 Apr 1855 and 29 Apr 1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I125
66 Cleaver, Frederick  1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I154
67 Cleaver, Frederick  1930Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I270
68 Cleaver, Frederick Edward Albert  Feb 1912Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I315
69 Cleaver, Frederick Robert  2 Dec 1931Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I195
70 Cleaver, George  1806Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I330
71 Cleaver, George  18 Mar 1812Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I440
72 Cleaver, George  1821Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5241
73 Cleaver, George  1831Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I381
74 Cleaver, George  1832Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I231
75 Cleaver, George  1866Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132
76 Cleaver, Hannah  1922Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I148
77 Cleaver, Harriet  9 May 1838Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I139
78 Cleaver, Henry  27 May 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I358
79 Cleaver, Henry  1857Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I367
80 Cleaver, Henry  1890Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2913
81 Cleaver, Henry  Dec 1910Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I135
82 Cleaver, Henry Charles  26 Mar 1954Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I974
83 Cleaver, Isaac  1823Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I226
84 Cleaver, Isaac  1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I221
85 Cleaver, James  1819Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I428
86 Cleaver, James  Between 1842 and 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2916
87 Cleaver, James  1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I357
88 Cleaver, James  1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I324
89 Cleaver, James  Oct 1844Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I362
90 Cleaver, James Thomas  1834Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I356
91 Cleaver, Jane  Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I359
92 Cleaver, Jane  1850Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I113
93 Cleaver, Jane  1915Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I137
94 Cleaver, Job  1879Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I228
95 Cleaver, John  1741Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I387
96 Cleaver, John  28 Jul 1785Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I431
97 Cleaver, John  1787Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I368
98 Cleaver, John  1812Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I331
99 Cleaver, John  1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I323
100 Cleaver, Kerziah  1856Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3935

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Elizabeth  17 Jun 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I355
2 Batton, John  7 Nov 1729Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5894
3 Cleaver, Charles  18 Jun 1872Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
4 Cleaver, Edith Alice  10 Jun 1916Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I316
5 Cleaver, Edward  2 Jun 1738Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I379
6 Cleaver, Enoch  9 Dec 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I360
7 Cleaver, Fanny  1 Aug 1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I361
8 Cleaver, Frederick  29 Apr 1855Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I125
9 Cleaver, Frederick Edward Albert  19 Feb 1912Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I315
10 Cleaver, George  3 Sep 1806Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I330
11 Cleaver, George  13 Mar 1832Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I231
12 Cleaver, Henry  5 Jul 1857Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I367
13 Cleaver, James  25 Dec 1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I357
14 Cleaver, James  23 Jan 1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I324
15 Cleaver, James  4 Oct 1844Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I362
16 Cleaver, James Thomas  13 Feb 1834Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I356
17 Cleaver, Jane  26 Jun 1850Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I113
18 Cleaver, Job  25 Jun 1879Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I228
19 Cleaver, John  19 May 1741Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I387
20 Cleaver, John  9 Oct 1787Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I368
21 Cleaver, John  27 Sep 1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I323
22 Cleaver, Kerziah  6 Feb 1856Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3935
23 Cleaver, Martha  15 Sep 1850Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I365
24 Cleaver, Matthew  9 May 1910Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I136
25 Cleaver, William  29 Feb 1904Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I109
26 Constable, Edward  10 Aug 1712Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5882
27 Constable, George  23 Jan 1732Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5885
28 Constable, Thomas  2 Jan 1732Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5884
29 Dowdeswell, Sarah  18 Mar 1895Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I110
30 Mitchell, William  28 Mar 1730Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I638
31 Nash, Elizabeth  25 Jul 1824Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I319
32 Orum, Ann  7 Aug 1897Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2942
33 Selby, Esther  12 Aug 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24105
34 Teagle, Mary  24 Sep 1908Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I189
35 White, John Winterson  11 Jun 1848Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25889
36 Williams, Ann Mariah  13 Mar 1953Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I306
37 [Cleaver], Ann  16 Dec 1722Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I388
38 [Lennard], Hester  10 Dec 1748Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Amy Mary Ann  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5052
2 Andrews, Amy Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5052
3 Andrews, Amy Mary Ann  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5052
4 Andrews, Annie Walker  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I479
5 Andrews, Charles Edward  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10491
6 Andrews, Charles Edward  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10491
7 Andrews, Fanny Martha  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10493
8 Andrews, Fanny Martha  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1491
9 Andrews, Fanny Martha  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1491
10 Andrews, Phillip  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10495
11 Andrews, Rosanna  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10494
12 Andrews, William  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10488
13 Andrews, William  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10488
14 Andrews, William Thomas  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10490
15 Andrews, William Thomas  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10490
16 Baker, Phoebe  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
17 Baker, Phoebe  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
18 Baker, Phoebe  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3223
19 Barnfield, Maria  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
20 Barnfield, Maria  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
21 Barrett, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I355
22 Barrett, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
23 Barrett, Fanny  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
24 Barrett, Fanny  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
25 Barrett, Fanny  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
26 Bathe, Jane Edith  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5513
27 Beale, George  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25845
28 Beale, George Thomas  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25847
29 Beale, Gertrude Annie  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11970
30 Beard, Ada  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3406
31 Beard, Ann  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
32 Beard, Ann  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
33 Beard, Ann  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
34 Beard, Annie Maria  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24273
35 Beard, Annie Maria  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24273
36 Beard, Annie Maria  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24273
37 Beard, Eli  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
38 Beard, Eli  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
39 Beard, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3410
40 Beard, Fanny  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3410
41 Beard, Frederick Robert  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3408
42 Beard, Frederick Robert  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3408
43 Beard, Harriet  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3409
44 Beard, Harriet  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3409
45 Beard, Henry George  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3407
46 Beard, Henry George  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3407
47 Benjamin, Georgina  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I187
48 Benjamin, Kate  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I186
49 Best, Albert Percy  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24209
50 Best, Bevan William H  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24206
51 Best, Ella H  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24211
52 Best, Elsie Annie  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24210
53 Best, Ernest Allen  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24208
54 Best, Vivian Ernest H  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24207
55 Best, William Charles  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24204
56 Bignell, Edward  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27617
57 Bignell, George  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27610
58 Bignell, George Henry  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27616
59 Bignell, Rosa  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27618
60 Bishop, Dennis  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25837
61 Bishop, Dennis  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25837
62 Bishop, Eliza Ann  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
63 Bishop, Eliza Ann  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
64 Bishop, Eliza Ann  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
65 Bishop, Eliza Ann  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
66 Bishop, Eliza Ann  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I11967
67 Bishop, Esther  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25838
68 Bishop, Esther  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25838
69 Bishop, Fanny  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
70 Bishop, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
71 Bishop, Fanny  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
72 Bishop, Fanny  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
73 Bishop, Fanny  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
74 Bishop, Flora Jane  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
75 Bishop, Flora Jane  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
76 Bishop, Flora Jane  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
77 Bishop, Flora Jane  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
78 Bishop, Francis Edward  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25832
79 Bishop, Francis Edward  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25832
80 Bishop, Francis Edward  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25832
81 Bishop, James  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
82 Bishop, James  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
83 Bishop, James  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
84 Bishop, James  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
85 Bishop, James  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
86 Bishop, James  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
87 Bishop, Maria Jane  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25843
88 Bishop, Mary  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25841
89 Bishop, Maude  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25851
90 Bishop, Richard  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25834
91 Bishop, Richard  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
92 Bishop, Richard  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
93 Bishop, Richard  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25852
94 Bishop, Richard  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
95 Bishop, Richard  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
96 Bishop, Richard James  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25827
97 Bishop, Richard James  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25827
98 Bishop, William  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25828
99 Bishop, William  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25828
100 Bishop, William James  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25831

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Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1740Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I678
2 Cleaver, Francis  2 Oct 1744Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I679
3 Cleaver, George  19 Mar 1694Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I414
4 Cleaver, George  29 Apr 1754Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I381
5 Cleaver, James  23 Oct 1746Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I680
6 Cleaver, Mary  30 Jun 1735Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I677
7 Jones, Mitchel  13 Sep 1706Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I656
8 Leonard, John  27 Dec 1754Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I654
9 Mitchell, John  19 Mar 1665Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I621
10 Mitchell, Mary  22 Jun 1713Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I639
11 Mitchell, William John  14 Jun 1744Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I651
12 Payne, William  15 Oct 1805Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1809

Court Appearance

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court Appearance    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, George  7 Aug 1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132
2 Cleaver, Isaac  7 Aug 1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I221

Criminal Charges

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Charges    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, Henry  9 Dec 1829Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2911
2 Cleaver, Timothy  23 Aug 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I222

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, George  29 Aug 1803Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132


Matches 1 to 100 of 448

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andrews, William  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10488
2 Andrews, William  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I10488
3 Barnfield, Maria  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I16285
4 Barrett, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
5 Barrett, Fanny  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I4013
6 Beale, George  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25845
7 Beard, Ann  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
8 Beard, Ann  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
9 Beard, Ann  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I1512
10 Beard, Annie Maria  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24273
11 Beard, Eli  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
12 Beard, Eli  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I194
13 Beard, Fanny  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3410
14 Beard, Frederick Robert  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3408
15 Beard, Henry George  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3407
16 Best, William Charles  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I24204
17 Bignell, George  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I27610
18 Bishop, Dennis  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25837
19 Bishop, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
20 Bishop, Fanny  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
21 Bishop, Fanny  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25829
22 Bishop, Flora Jane  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
23 Bishop, Flora Jane  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25830
24 Bishop, James  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
25 Bishop, James  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
26 Bishop, James  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
27 Bishop, James  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
28 Bishop, James  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25825
29 Bishop, Richard  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25834
30 Bishop, Richard  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
31 Bishop, Richard  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
32 Bishop, Richard  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25852
33 Bishop, Richard  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
34 Bishop, Richard  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25836
35 Bishop, William  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25828
36 Bishop, William James  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I25831
37 Blackwale, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I328
38 Clark, Frederick George  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I312
39 Clark, William George H  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I8598
40 Cleaver, Ada Annie Francis  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I65
41 Cleaver, Albert  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I271
42 Cleaver, Alfred  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I204
43 Cleaver, Alfred  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I204
44 Cleaver, Alfred  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I969
45 Cleaver, Alice  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I970
46 Cleaver, Alma Amelia  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I450
47 Cleaver, Ann  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I143
48 Cleaver, Annie Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3381
49 Cleaver, Charles  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
50 Cleaver, Charles  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I140
51 Cleaver, Charles  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
52 Cleaver, Charles  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I140
53 Cleaver, Charles  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I120
54 Cleaver, Charles Edward  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2924
55 Cleaver, Charles Edward  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2924
56 Cleaver, Charles George  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I273
57 Cleaver, Edward  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I198
58 Cleaver, Edward  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I198
59 Cleaver, Edward  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I153
60 Cleaver, Edward  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I198
61 Cleaver, Edward  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I198
62 Cleaver, Edward Edwin  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5758
63 Cleaver, Edward Robert Wilkins  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I968
64 Cleaver, Edward Robert Wilkins  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I968
65 Cleaver, Elizabeth  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2938
66 Cleaver, Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I192
67 Cleaver, Elizabeth Mary  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3412
68 Cleaver, Emily Jane  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I971
69 Cleaver, Ernest  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I274
70 Cleaver, Esau  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I234
71 Cleaver, Esau  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I234
72 Cleaver, Esau  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I234
73 Cleaver, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I202
74 Cleaver, Fanny  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I111
75 Cleaver, Francis Robert  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I972
76 Cleaver, Frank  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I75
77 Cleaver, Frank  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I75
78 Cleaver, Frank  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I75
79 Cleaver, Frederick  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I154
80 Cleaver, Frederick  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I270
81 Cleaver, Frederick  5 Apr 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I154
82 Cleaver, Frederick  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I270
83 Cleaver, Frederick George  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I973
84 Cleaver, Frederick Robert  31 Mar 1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I195
85 Cleaver, Frederick Robert  2 Apr 1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I195
86 Cleaver, George  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132
87 Cleaver, George  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2914
88 Cleaver, George  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132
89 Cleaver, George  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I132
90 Cleaver, Harriet  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I199
91 Cleaver, Henry  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2911
92 Cleaver, Henry  6 Jun 1841Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I135
93 Cleaver, Henry  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2913
94 Cleaver, Henry  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2911
95 Cleaver, Henry  30 Mar 1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I135
96 Cleaver, Henry  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2913
97 Cleaver, Henry  7 Apr 1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I135
98 Cleaver, Henry  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2913
99 Cleaver, Henry  2 Apr 1871Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I135
100 Cleaver, Henry  3 Apr 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I2913

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Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, Elizabeth  1919Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I192
2 Cleaver, Henry Charles  7 Aug 1907Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I974
3 Maisey, Elsie  7 Aug 1907Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I5100
4 Mitchell, Fanny  1901Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I618
5 Mitchell, Frederick James  3 Nov 1902Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I82
6 Mitchell, Frederick James  9 Oct 1904Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I82
7 Sessions, Florence  10 Jun 1917Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England I3911


Matches 1 to 100 of 188

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barrett / Cleaver  30 Jan 1786Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1776
2 Beard / Cleaver  1874Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F55
3 Best / Ind  1929Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5837
4 Bishop / Baily  8 Jul 1739Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6232
5 Bishop / Bishop  3 Oct 1708Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6234
6 Bishop / Pool  23 Jun 1823Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6227
7 Bishop / Russ  1856Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6225
8 Bishop / Scutts  1851Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6236
9 Bishop / Smith  19 May 1768Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6231
10 Bone / Cleaver  17 Oct 1907Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F86
11 Brown / Dowdeswell  24 Apr 1842Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F916
12 Clark / Cox  1882Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F88
13 Clark / Terrell  7 Jun 1733Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1574
14 Cleaver / Andrews  19 Aug 1893Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F125
15 Cleaver / Ayres  1924Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F121
16 Cleaver / Barrett  18 Jul 1833Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F97
17 Cleaver / Beard  9 Apr 1859Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F790
18 Cleaver / Blackwale  5 Jun 1798Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F91
19 Cleaver / Boyes  7 Aug 1823Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1663
20 Cleaver / Brown  16 Jun 1870Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F71
21 Cleaver / Brown  1883Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F793
22 Cleaver / Browne  25 Sep 1680Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F107
23 Cleaver / Cambridge  13 Mar 1819Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1773
24 Cleaver / Clark  8 Aug 1908Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F87
25 Cleaver / Cull  2 Jul 1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F68
26 Cleaver / Dee  1916Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5838
27 Cleaver / Doman  1928Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F4488
28 Cleaver / Dowdeswell  28 Nov 1847Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F35
29 Cleaver / Dowdeswell  25 Dec 1852Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F795
30 Cleaver / Dunning  13 Apr 1895Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F120
31 Cleaver / Francis  1926Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F122
32 Cleaver / Fry  22 Mar 1864Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F75
33 Cleaver / Greenaway  1 Mar 1890Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F79
34 Cleaver / Harris  1930Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F4501
35 Cleaver / Holliday  26 Nov 1729Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F100
36 Cleaver / Hopkins  14 Nov 1771Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1533
37 Cleaver / Keen  14 Jul 1753Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F98
38 Cleaver / Le Doux  26 Oct 1880Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F796
39 Cleaver / Lloyd  16 Jun 1748Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F911
40 Cleaver / Maisey  11 Mar 1905Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1358
41 Cleaver / Maisey  1911Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1398
42 Cleaver / Mann  3 Jun 1807Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F104
43 Cleaver / Mann  12 Aug 1849Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F45
44 Cleaver / Nash  18 Sep 1774Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F89
45 Cleaver / Nelson  17 Oct 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F27
46 Cleaver / Newcomb  12 Nov 1837Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F789
47 Cleaver / Orum  14 Nov 1852Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F797
48 Cleaver / Pearse  6 Feb 1774Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F113
49 Cleaver / Pegler  1864Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F904
50 Cleaver / Philpot  9 Jan 1930Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F118
51 Cleaver / Price  20 Nov 1909Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1397
52 Cleaver / Saunders  14 Nov 1779Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F115
53 Cleaver / Sessions  1910Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1048
54 Cleaver / Strange  3 Nov 1792Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F114
55 Cleaver / Wilkins  Dec 1881Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F258
56 Cleaver / Williams  1888Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F85
57 Cleaver / Wilton  6 Oct 1817Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F64
58 Cleaver / Wood  23 Oct 1891Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F116
59 Cleaver / [Cleaver]  Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F103
60 Clifton / Mitchell  1845Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F593
61 Coleman / Cleaver  20 Oct 1866Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1662
62 Compton / Mitchell  22 Oct 1823Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1561
63 Constable / Cooper  3 Jan 1799Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1553
64 Constable / Felton  7 Nov 1754Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1554
65 Constable / Hall  2 May 1725Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1555
66 Cook / Cleaver  8 Dec 1917Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1529
67 Cox / Beard  1875Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5845
68 Cox / Fisher  1849Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5847
69 Cox / Fowler  1905Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5844
70 Cox / Mitchell  24 Nov 1800Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F533
71 Cox / Mitchell  1873Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F2212
72 Cull / Morse  1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1070
73 Cull / Wilkins  5 Oct 1794Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F594
74 Cuss / Pegler  1880Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F219
75 Dowdeswell / Baker  15 Jul 1820Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F867
76 Dowdeswell / Crewe  25 Dec 1795Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1117
77 Dowdeswell / Gay  25 Dec 1831Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1119
78 Dowdeswell / Smart  13 Dec 1818Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1121
79 Dowdeswell / Thrush  15 Oct 1825Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1118
80 Dowdeswell / Williams  Nov 1858Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F915
81 Edmunds / Scales  1862Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6200
82 Everiss / Cleaver  29 Oct 1892Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F77
83 Fisher / Curtis  1843Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5849
84 Fisher / Goodingham  1888Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5851
85 Fisher / Holliday  1860Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F5850
86 Gage / Maizey  27 Apr 1760Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F3466
87 Gray / Scales  1853Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F6199
88 Hall / Mitchell  24 Jun 1866Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1474
89 Hall / Winterson  24 Nov 1831Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F453
90 Hill / Cleaver  26 Jan 1867Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F44
91 Jackson / Cleaver  1890Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F874
92 Jackson / Pedrick  1914Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1465
93 Jefferies / Fowler  1861Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F2738
94 Jones / Bishop  1876Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F3067
95 Jones / Cleaver  1883Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F59
96 Jones / Mitchell  4 Jun 1705Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F173
97 Keen / Saunders  23 Oct 1726Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F99
98 Lambert / Barnfield  19 Oct 1818Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F4049
99 Law / Mitchell  1875Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F417
100 Leonard / Batting  11 May 1727Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England F1563

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