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Stepney, London, England


Notes: See more about the Parish of Stepney
Area, Suburb, Parish or Registration District : Latitude: 51.517616, Longitude: -0.042935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyce, Alice Kate  1 Nov 1871Stepney, London, England I26374
2 Boyce, Lilian Maud  24 Feb 1873Stepney, London, England I26375
3 Bragg, Sarah  1759Stepney, London, England I15580
4 Bromsall, Jane  1747Stepney, London, England I11334
5 Butler, Sophia  23 Aug 1794Stepney, London, England I1324
6 Carden, Helen  1865Stepney, London, England I29617
7 Clancey, Charlotte  1814Stepney, London, England I28974
8 Clancey, Sarah  1816Stepney, London, England I28975
9 Clancey, William  1818Stepney, London, England I28961
10 Clark, Caroline  Abt 1824Stepney, London, England I25614
11 Clark, Jane  Abt 1831Stepney, London, England I25615
12 Craddock, George Stanley  1896Stepney, London, England I12604
13 Dible, Elizabeth  31 Dec 1891Stepney, London, England I12551
14 Dible, John  4 Feb 1810Stepney, London, England I12600
15 Dunford, Ada  1886Stepney, London, England I21077
16 Dunford, Arthur  1890Stepney, London, England I21078
17 Garrett, Nellie  1887Stepney, London, England I19982
18 Goodman, Ellen Mary  19 Apr 1852Stepney, London, England I11571
19 Goodman, Hubert Alfred  1 Feb 1850Stepney, London, England I11570
20 Goodman, John Duncombe  26 May 1843Stepney, London, England I11573
21 Goodman, Lucy Elizabeth  1 Jul 1848Stepney, London, England I11569
22 Hammersley, Clyde Ernest  1883Stepney, London, England I7015
23 Hammersley, George Peter Christian  1778Stepney, London, England I24232
24 Hammersley, John William  1773Stepney, London, England I24233
25 Hammersley, Joseph Thomas  5 Jul 1774Stepney, London, England I1098
26 Hammersley, Maria Charlotte  1776Stepney, London, England I24231
27 Hammersley, Nellie Eliza  1874Stepney, London, England I24194
28 Hammersley, Thomas Frederick  1874Stepney, London, England I7010
29 Hammersley, William Andrew  1874Stepney, London, England I24193
30 Hollely, Benjamin Joyce  20 May 1814Stepney, London, England I28957
31 Hollely, George Tunks  21 Jun 1801Stepney, London, England I28942
32 Hollely, John Jackson  6 Mar 1810Stepney, London, England I28956
33 Hollely, Joseph  31 May 1817Stepney, London, England I28958
34 Hollely, Richard White  Abt 1770Stepney, London, England I28946
35 Hollely, Richard William Hudson  19 Jun 1804Stepney, London, England I28954
36 Hollely, Sarah Susannah  4 Mar 1807Stepney, London, England I28955
37 Hollely, William  3 Apr 1813Stepney, London, England I28959
38 Howes, Clara Agnes  5 Apr 1862Stepney, London, England I12767
39 Howes, Harriet Rachel  14 Apr 1860Stepney, London, England I12766
40 Hue, Jane Mary  1782Stepney, London, England I11307
41 Jennings, Phoebe Emma  1838Stepney, London, England I8865
42 Joyce, Sarah  1773Stepney, London, England I28947
43 Lamey, Catherine  29 Jun 1864Stepney, London, England I21245
44 Monger, George John  Between Jan 1853 and Mar 1853Stepney, London, England I2714
45 Monger, John Wilson  1854Stepney, London, England I2715
46 Monger, Thomas Wilson  1851Stepney, London, England I2722
47 Rayner, Mary  1 Aug 1892Stepney, London, England I12586
48 Rowlett, Elizabeth R  Cal 1849Stepney, London, England I26385
49 Rowlett, Horace A  Cal 1852Stepney, London, England I26386
50 Rowlett, Louisa A  Cal 1857Stepney, London, England I26388
51 Rowlett, Walter O  Cal 1854Stepney, London, England I26387
52 Smith, Mary  1801Stepney, London, England I28943
53 Tozer, Alexander Richard  9 Apr 1876Stepney, London, England I18380
54 Voigts, John Frederick  1866Stepney, London, England I9839
55 Williams, Edward Albert  31 Oct 1927Stepney, London, England I12577
56 Williams, Percy  26 Oct 1901Stepney, London, England I12547
57 Williams, Ronald Percy  1933Stepney, London, England I12578
58 Wilson, Francis  1828Stepney, London, England I26194
59 Wilson, John William  1830Stepney, London, England I26193
60 Wilson, Matthew Cooper  1847Stepney, London, England I26190
61 Wooster, Eliza  1873Stepney, London, England I9913
62 Wooster, Emma  Jun 1855Stepney, London, England I11279
63 Wooster, Henry  1833Stepney, London, England I8863
64 Wooster, John  1831Stepney, London, England I8862
65 Wooster, Sophia  1838Stepney, London, England I8866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Bragg, Sarah  12 Aug 1759Stepney, London, England I15580
2 Bromsall, Jane  23 Sep 1747Stepney, London, England I11334
3 Calahan, Edward  5 Mar 1862Stepney, London, England I21244
4 Dible, Elizabeth  26 Jan 1892Stepney, London, England I12551
5 Dible, John  4 Mar 1810Stepney, London, England I12600
6 Dodimead, Dorcas  17 Sep 1882Stepney, London, England I956
7 Dodimead, Emma  2 Nov 1887Stepney, London, England I957
8 Dodimead, Maria  10 Apr 1889Stepney, London, England I958
9 Goodman, John Duncombe  20 Jun 1843Stepney, London, England I11573
10 Hammersley, George Peter Christian  4 Jan 1778Stepney, London, England I24232
11 Hammersley, John William  9 May 1773Stepney, London, England I24233
12 Hammersley, Joseph Thomas  31 Jul 1774Stepney, London, England I1098
13 Hammersley, Maria Charlotte  14 Jun 1776Stepney, London, England I24231
14 Hollely, George Richard  4 Aug 1839Stepney, London, England I28945
15 Howes, Harriet Rachel  9 May 1860Stepney, London, England I12766
16 Hue, Jane Mary  10 Feb 1782Stepney, London, England I11307
17 Jennings, Phoebe Emma  6 May 1838Stepney, London, England I8865
18 Lamey, Catherine  24 Apr 1866Stepney, London, England I21245
19 Monger, Thomas Wilson  15 Jun 1851Stepney, London, England I2722
20 Rayner, Mary  16 Aug 1892Stepney, London, England I12586
21 Slaughter, Elizabeth  8 Feb 1863Stepney, London, England I8886
22 Williams, Caroline Louisa  29 Mar 1818Stepney, London, England I24741
23 Williams, Sarah Ann  24 Jun 1816Stepney, London, England I24742
24 Wilson, Francis  14 Sep 1828Stepney, London, England I26194
25 Wilson, John William  26 Dec 1830Stepney, London, England I26193
26 Wilson, Thomas Millo  26 Aug 1832Stepney, London, England I26183
27 Wooster, Emma  1 Jul 1855Stepney, London, England I11279
28 Wooster, Henry  27 Oct 1833Stepney, London, England I8863
29 Wooster, John  9 Oct 1831Stepney, London, England I8862
30 Wooster, William John  Feb 1851Stepney, London, England I8926


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Henry John  19 Jul 1936Stepney, London, England I1370
2 Armond, William Edward  1982Stepney, London, England I13608
3 Bedson, Charlotte  Apr 1819Stepney, London, England I28971
4 Clancey, William  Aug 1855Stepney, London, England I28970
5 Clark, Peter  24 Jun 1855Stepney, London, England I25611
6 Craddock, George Stanley  1964Stepney, London, England I12604
7 Dible, Caroline  1896Stepney, London, England I12552
8 Dible, Edward  1918Stepney, London, England I12549
9 Dible, George  1900Stepney, London, England I12550
10 Dible, Louisa Harriet  1971Stepney, London, England I12541
11 Fox, Sophia  1875Stepney, London, England I8859
12 Geeves, Elizabeth  1903Stepney, London, England I2075
13 Geeves, Joseph Edgar  1894Stepney, London, England I18092
14 Hammersley, George E  1958Stepney, London, England I26319
15 Hammersley, Nellie Eliza  1875Stepney, London, England I24194
16 Hammersley, William Andrew  1875Stepney, London, England I24193
17 Hollely, George Tunks  1839Stepney, London, England I28942
18 Howes, Charlotte Mary Ann  1916Stepney, London, England I8938
19 Humble, Mary Ann  1908Stepney, London, England I8724
20 Joyce, Sarah  29 Sep 1773Stepney, London, England I28947
21 McCann, Michael  1874Stepney, London, England I24869
22 Peddell, Maria Charlotte  1933Stepney, London, England I18106
23 Rayner, Elizabeth Mary Ann  1890Stepney, London, England I12585
24 Rayner, Mary  1893Stepney, London, England I12586
25 Robinson, Beatrice Maud  1939Stepney, London, England I19638
26 Smith, Ellen Elizabeth  1938Stepney, London, England I23718
27 Smith, Mary  1845Stepney, London, England I28943
28 Steer, Josiah Stewart  1961Stepney, London, England I18638
29 Tozer, Esther  1885Stepney, London, England I18387
30 Williams, Jeannetta E  1939Stepney, London, England I12576
31 Wooster, Caroline Eliza  1945Stepney, London, England I8941
32 Wooster, Charlotte Louisa  1933Stepney, London, England I8940
33 Wooster, George  1911Stepney, London, England I8923
34 Wooster, George  1934Stepney, London, England I8928
35 Wooster, John  31 Oct 1881Stepney, London, England I8853


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clancey, William  22 Aug 1855Stepney, London, England I28970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Davis, Morris  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I20352
2 Davis, Sophie  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I20351
3 Dunford, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21061
4 Dunford, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21062
5 Dunford, William  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21068
6 Goodman, Hubert Alfred  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11570
7 Goodman, Jane Duncombe  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11557
8 Goodman, John  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I11567
9 Goodman, John  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11567
10 Goodman, Lucy Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11569
11 Hollely, Augustus William  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I28935
12 Hollely, George Richard  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I28945
13 Lines, Jane Duncombe  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I11568
14 Lines, Jane Duncombe  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11568
15 Smith, Mary  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I28943
16 Wiltshire, Aaron  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21069
17 Wiltshire, Ann  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21067
18 Wooster, George  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I8923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Davis, Morris  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I20352
2 Davis, Sophie  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I20351
3 Dunford, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21061
4 Dunford, Thomas  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21062
5 Goodman, John  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I11567
6 Goodman, John  30 Mar 1851Stepney, London, England I11567
7 Hollely, Richard White  18 Jun 1814Stepney, London, England I28946
8 Smith, Mary  6 Jun 1841Stepney, London, England I28943
9 Williams, Percy  12 Aug 1904Stepney, London, England I12702
10 Wiltshire, Aaron  2 Apr 1871Stepney, London, England I21069
11 Wooster, George  2 Apr 1911Stepney, London, England I8923


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodman, John  9 Sep 1846Stepney, London, England I11567
2 Hammersley, Thomas Alfred  7 Mar 1878Stepney, London, England I4853
3 Lynch, Ellen  4 Aug 1904Stepney, London, England I12703
4 Williams, Percy  4 Aug 1904Stepney, London, England I12702


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bower / Gladman  23 Feb 1873Stepney, London, England F2904
2 Clancey / Mantz  1 Sep 1834Stepney, London, England F7020
3 Clark / Wooster  1891Stepney, London, England F2369
4 Craddock / Rayner  1918Stepney, London, England F3215
5 Dadd / Howes  6 Jan 1880Stepney, London, England F5699
6 Dible / Bendon  14 May 1855Stepney, London, England F3211
7 Dible / Boyce  19 Feb 1833Stepney, London, England F3213
8 Eyles / Roberts  25 Mar 1860Stepney, London, England F6807
9 Hammersley / Andrews  26 Jan 1822Stepney, London, England F1287
10 Hammersley / Betts  27 Oct 1831Stepney, London, England F1293
11 Hammersley / Chipperfield  3 Oct 1790Stepney, London, England F1290
12 Hammersley / Mitchell  25 Nov 1823Stepney, London, England F1292
13 Mannering / Starkey  2 Dec 1823Stepney, London, England F6108
14 Monger / Furlong  1847Stepney, London, England F715
15 Monger / Furlong  24 May 1857Stepney, London, England F744
16 Monger / [Monger]  1858Stepney, London, England F746
17 Nicholson / Peddell  25 Dec 1880Stepney, London, England F4471
18 Piercy / Wooster  22 Oct 1876Stepney, London, England F2367
19 Plaster / Howes  17 May 1875Stepney, London, England F5701
20 Quigly / Eastwood  14 Feb 1768Stepney, London, England F5483
21 Rayner / Granados  22 Mar 1908Stepney, London, England F3208
22 Roach / Thompson  1852Stepney, London, England F7021
23 Simson / Butler  13 Nov 1815Stepney, London, England F373
24 Stamps / Williams  31 Oct 1841Stepney, London, England F6462
25 Travell / Dible  1917Stepney, London, England F3205
26 Tripe / Broad  27 Mar 1819Stepney, London, England F3200
27 Wells / Dible  1931Stepney, London, England F3207
28 White / Sanders  10 Nov 1895Stepney, London, England F5362
29 Williams / Lynch  4 Aug 1901Stepney, London, England F3239
30 Williams / Monger  9 Jul 1815Stepney, London, England F656
31 Wooster / Coveney  1931Stepney, London, England F6081
32 Wooster / Driver  24 Mar 1850Stepney, London, England F2365
33 Wooster / Feneron  1892Stepney, London, England F2615
34 Wooster / Walden  7 Dec 1863Stepney, London, England F2354

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 Roach / Thompson  3 Nov 1850Stepney, London, England F7021