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Southampton, Hampshire, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 50.912125415652916, Longitude: -1.410369873046875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Applin, George Ronald  29 Aug 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I14162 Mitchell Families 
2 Barnes, Mark  29 Nov 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I21055 Mitchell Families 
3 Cox, Richard James William  1 Jul 1937Southampton, Hampshire, England I10173 Mitchell Families 
4 Culling, Henry Edward  22 Feb 1926Southampton, Hampshire, England I27559 Mitchell Families 
5 Knights, Judith Anne  20 Apr 1969Southampton, Hampshire, England I22137 Mitchell Families 
6 Malser, Mary Ann  Cal 1820Southampton, Hampshire, England I29329 Mitchell Families 
7 Mead, George Thomas  31 Jul 1913Southampton, Hampshire, England I27565 Mitchell Families 
8 Pomroy, Albert James  24 Jul 1899Southampton, Hampshire, England I27560 Mitchell Families 
9 Snelgrove, Ellen  Cal 1830Southampton, Hampshire, England I29326 Mitchell Families 
10 Stagg, Ivy Pearl  1899Southampton, Hampshire, England I21054 Mitchell Families 
11 Starling, Beatrice W  1910Southampton, Hampshire, England I13095 Mitchell Families 
12 Starling, Edwin George  1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I12270 Mitchell Families 
13 Starling, Ellen Clare  30 Sep 1913Southampton, Hampshire, England I12147 Mitchell Families 
14 Starling, Stanley John  22 Jan 1916Southampton, Hampshire, England I811 Mitchell Families 
15 Webb, Muriel Rosamund  28 Aug 1924Southampton, Hampshire, England I27561 Mitchell Families 
16 Winterbotham, John Rayner  20 Oct 1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I15750 Winterbotham Families 
17 Winterbotham, Joyce Ellen  15 Jul 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I15749 Winterbotham Families 
18 Winterbotham, Margery  3 Nov 1914Southampton, Hampshire, England I15751 Winterbotham Families 
19 Wooster, Emma Elizabeth  1848Southampton, Hampshire, England I24169 Mitchell Families 
20 Wooster, Female (un-named)  1846Southampton, Hampshire, England I24174 Mitchell Families 
21 Wooster, Mary Elizabeth  1850Southampton, Hampshire, England I29327 Mitchell Families 
22 Wooster, Rose  1853Southampton, Hampshire, England I24173 Mitchell Families 
23 Wooster, Rose  1853Southampton, Hampshire, England I29328 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowie, Robert  9 Nov 1866Southampton, Hampshire, England I19561 Mitchell Families 
2 Wooster, Rose  14 Aug 1853Southampton, Hampshire, England I29328 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anning, William James A  Oct 1986Southampton, Hampshire, England I9287 Mitchell Families 
2 Bignell, Bertie  Mar 1973Southampton, Hampshire, England I29662 Mitchell Families 
3 Bignell, Gertrude Winifred  Jun 1975Southampton, Hampshire, England I29670 Mitchell Families 
4 Bignell, Ruby Ada B  1996Southampton, Hampshire, England I29671 Mitchell Families 
5 Cox, James Frederick Claudian  1947Southampton, Hampshire, England I10169 Mitchell Families 
6 Cox, Richard James William  1938Southampton, Hampshire, England I10173 Mitchell Families 
7 Culling, Alfred Albert  Between Apr 1934 and Jun 1934Southampton, Hampshire, England I27554 Mitchell Families 
8 Culling, Henry Edward  1990Southampton, Hampshire, England I27559 Mitchell Families 
9 Forward, Henry Charles  Mar 1980Southampton, Hampshire, England I25413 Mitchell Families 
10 Haddon, Wilberforce  8 Jun 1893Southampton, Hampshire, England I25034 Mitchell Families 
11 Hayter, Henry George  1935Southampton, Hampshire, England I23265 Mitchell Families 
12 Kenyon, Kenneth  Dec 1991Southampton, Hampshire, England I29394 Mitchell Families 
13 King, Percival Harry  1994Southampton, Hampshire, England I29895 Mitchell Families 
14 Lewcock, Beatrice Fanny Harriet  1973Southampton, Hampshire, England I21053 Mitchell Families 
15 Malser, Mary Ann  1859Southampton, Hampshire, England I29329 Mitchell Families 
16 Peer, Frank Wellington  Mar 1988Southampton, Hampshire, England I14155 Mitchell Families 
17 Perriment, Lily  9 Jan 1946Southampton, Hampshire, England I10172 Mitchell Families 
18 Scobie, Edgar Percy  1980Southampton, Hampshire, England I24896 Mitchell Families 
19 Searies, Emily  9 May 1927Southampton, Hampshire, England I13576 Mitchell Families 
20 Snelgrove, Ellen  24 Dec 1864Southampton, Hampshire, England I29326 Mitchell Families 
21 Stagg, Ivy Pearl  1942Southampton, Hampshire, England I21054 Mitchell Families 
22 Starling, Beatrice W  1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I13095 Mitchell Families 
23 Trant, Joan Petrea  Jan 1986Southampton, Hampshire, England I15807 Winterbotham Families 
24 Turtle, Walton  1965Southampton, Hampshire, England I22303 Mitchell Families 
25 Westbrook, William Lewis  1951Southampton, Hampshire, England I19491 Mitchell Families 
26 Windebank, Maurice John  Feb 1984Southampton, Hampshire, England I7934 Mitchell Families 
27 Winterbotham, John Rayner  3 May 1934Southampton, Hampshire, England I15750 Winterbotham Families 
28 Wooster, Albert Stanley Augustus  17 Jan 1989Southampton, Hampshire, England I29351 Mitchell Families 
29 Wooster, Emma Elizabeth  10 Mar 1849Southampton, Hampshire, England I24169 Mitchell Families 
30 Wooster, Female (un-named)  1846Southampton, Hampshire, England I24174 Mitchell Families 
31 Wooster, Minnie Elizabeth  1930Southampton, Hampshire, England I29325 Mitchell Families 
32 Wooster, Vera May  1991Southampton, Hampshire, England I26212 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bell, James Reynolds  31 Mar 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I27209 Mitchell Families 
2 De Board, Henry James  3 Apr 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I5404 Mitchell Families 
3 De Borde, Eveline Kate  3 Apr 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I5406 Mitchell Families 
4 De Borde, William Louis  3 Apr 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I5402 Mitchell Families 
5 Ladd, Betsy  3 Apr 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I5405 Mitchell Families 
6 Lewcock, Beatrice Fanny Harriet  31 Mar 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I21053 Mitchell Families 
7 Lewcock, Beatrice Fanny Harriet  2 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I21053 Mitchell Families 
8 Malser, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1851Southampton, Hampshire, England I29329 Mitchell Families 
9 Plaster, Beatrice Ellen  2 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I12268 Mitchell Families 
10 Snelgrove, Ellen  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I29326 Mitchell Families 
11 Stagg, Ivy Pearl  31 Mar 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I21054 Mitchell Families 
12 Stagg, Ivy Pearl  2 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I21054 Mitchell Families 
13 Stagg, John Henry  31 Mar 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I21022 Mitchell Families 
14 Starling, Andrew Edward  2 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I12146 Mitchell Families 
15 Wooster, Jonathan  30 Mar 1851Southampton, Hampshire, England I24137 Mitchell Families 
16 Wooster, Jonathan  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I24137 Mitchell Families 
17 Wooster, Mary Elizabeth  30 Mar 1851Southampton, Hampshire, England I29327 Mitchell Families 
18 Wooster, Mary Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I29327 Mitchell Families 
19 Wooster, Rose  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I24173 Mitchell Families 
20 Wooster, Rose  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I29328 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Snelgrove, Ellen  1864Southampton, Hampshire, England I29326 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baldwin, Joseph  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9086 Mitchell Families 
2 Bowie, Ella Millicent  13 Sep 1923Southampton, Hampshire, England I19563 Mitchell Families 
3 Bricknell, Aubrey E  13 Jun 1914Southampton, Hampshire, England I20141 Mitchell Families 
4 Bricknell, Cyril L  13 Jun 1914Southampton, Hampshire, England I20140 Mitchell Families 
5 Bricknell, Edgar Cyril  13 Jun 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I4746 Mitchell Families 
6 Bricknell, Llewellyn Follet  13 Aug 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I20133 Mitchell Families 
7 Bricknell, William Ernest  13 Aug 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I4741 Mitchell Families 
8 Cooper, Sarah Ann  9 Sep 1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I27908 Mitchell Families 
9 Cox, Raymond Gillett  10 Aug 1923Southampton, Hampshire, England I21896 Mitchell Families 
10 Curwen, Minnie  29 May 1958Southampton, Hampshire, England I19022 Mitchell Families 
11 Dodimead, Francis Walter  5 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I27157 Mitchell Families 
12 Dodimead, Francis William  5 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I27130 Mitchell Families 
13 Dodimead, William Nelson  5 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I27158 Mitchell Families 
14 Foxen, Ella Jeanie  13 Sep 1923Southampton, Hampshire, England I19562 Mitchell Families 
15 Gathercole, Arthur Stanley  8 Apr 1938Southampton, Hampshire, England I17325 Mitchell Families 
16 Harding, Kenneth  25 Feb 1947Southampton, Hampshire, England I19367 Mitchell Families 
17 Hargest, Clifford Haydn  7 Mar 1926Southampton, Hampshire, England I24239 Mitchell Families 
18 Hillyard, Kathleen  26 Oct 1948Southampton, Hampshire, England I26676 Mitchell Families 
19 Huntingford, Maisie Ferelith  1946Southampton, Hampshire, England I6003 Mitchell Families 
20 Jarrett, Lily  13 Jun 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I20124 Mitchell Families 
21 Jarvis, Edward William  5 Apr 1958Southampton, Hampshire, England I17 Mitchell Families 
22 Langabeer, John William  9 Sep 1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I16053 Mitchell Families 
23 Loxley, Anne Lixton  13 Aug 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England I20131 Mitchell Families 
24 Moore, Annie Francis  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9087 Mitchell Families 
25 North, Hannah  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I7817 Mitchell Families 
26 Pagen, Elsie Muriel  6 Apr 1907Southampton, Hampshire, England I24051 Mitchell Families 
27 Pelluet, Cyril Hector Turner  14 Sep 1923Southampton, Hampshire, England I24585 Mitchell Families 
28 Porter, Ellen  5 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I27156 Mitchell Families 
29 Rawson, Brenda Rose  29 May 1958Southampton, Hampshire, England I19011 Mitchell Families 
30 Rawson, Robert  29 May 1958Southampton, Hampshire, England I19021 Mitchell Families 
31 Rice, Thomas  28 Sep 1922Southampton, Hampshire, England I24948 Mitchell Families 
32 Roberts, Samuel Ernest  9 Apr 1938Southampton, Hampshire, England I27128 Mitchell Families 
33 Toghill, Ellen  28 Sep 1922Southampton, Hampshire, England I24943 Mitchell Families 
34 Woodeson, Matilda Jarvis  31 Aug 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I16656 Mitchell Families 
35 Wooster, Arthur Edward  4 Mar 1926Southampton, Hampshire, England I23965 Mitchell Families 
36 Wooster, Bertha  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9082 Mitchell Families 
37 Wooster, Caleb Ernest Walter  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9089 Mitchell Families 
38 Wooster, Caleb Joseph  5 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9083 Mitchell Families 
39 Wooster, Eileen W  20 Apr 1951Southampton, Hampshire, England I23961 Mitchell Families 
40 Wooster, Florence  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9088 Mitchell Families 
41 Wooster, Joseph Caleb  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I7811 Mitchell Families 
42 Wooster, Lilly  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9084 Mitchell Families 
43 Wooster, Rose  12 Apr 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I9085 Mitchell Families 
44 Wreyford, Charles Downing  31 Aug 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I16655 Mitchell Families 
45 Wreyford, Constance Woodeson  31 Aug 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I16657 Mitchell Families 
46 Wreyford, Dorothy Downing  31 Aug 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I16658 Mitchell Families 
47 Wreyford, John C  31 Aug 1895Southampton, Hampshire, England I16659 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cooper, Sarah Ann  19 Dec 1957Southampton, Hampshire, England I27908 Mitchell Families 
2 Faulkes, Kelvin Aitken  1956Southampton, Hampshire, England I13516 Mitchell Families 
3 Jarvis, Edward William  17 Aug 1951Southampton, Hampshire, England I17 Mitchell Families 
4 Langabeer, John William  May 1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I16053 Mitchell Families 
5 Langabeer, John William  19 Dec 1957Southampton, Hampshire, England I16053 Mitchell Families 
6 Roberts, Samuel Ernest  1 Sep 1937Southampton, Hampshire, England I27128 Mitchell Families 
7 Roberts, Samuel Ernest  11 Jul 1938Southampton, Hampshire, England I27128 Mitchell Families 
8 Wooster, Enid Ouida  1956Southampton, Hampshire, England I13514 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cox, James Frederick Claudian  1923Southampton, Hampshire, England I10169 Mitchell Families 
2 De Board, Henry James  3 Apr 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I5404 Mitchell Families 
3 Stagg, John Henry  31 Mar 1901Southampton, Hampshire, England I21022 Mitchell Families 
4 Starling, Andrew Edward  2 Apr 1911Southampton, Hampshire, England I12146 Mitchell Families 
5 Winterbotham, Army Distinguished Service Medal Brigadier Harold St. John Loyd C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., A.D.C.  Between 1930 and 1935Southampton, Hampshire, England I15742 Winterbotham Families 
6 Wooster, Jonathan  30 Mar 1851Southampton, Hampshire, England I24137 Mitchell Families 
7 Wooster, Jonathan  7 Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I24137 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cox, James Frederick Claudian  26 Dec 1935Southampton, Hampshire, England I10169 Mitchell Families 
2 Cox, James Frederick Claudian  Jan 1946Southampton, Hampshire, England I10169 Mitchell Families 
3 Winterbotham, Army Distinguished Service Medal Brigadier Harold St. John Loyd C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., A.D.C.  20 Oct 1920Southampton, Hampshire, England I15742 Winterbotham Families 

Travel Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Travel Record    Person ID   Tree 
1 Petzold, Max Leo  19 Feb 1948Southampton, Hampshire, England I26220 Mitchell Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   12 Feb 1846Southampton, Hampshire, England F7109 Mitchell Families 
2 Ball / Bignell  1927Southampton, Hampshire, England F7244 Mitchell Families 
3 Barnes / Gavin  1942Southampton, Hampshire, England F5112 Mitchell Families 
4 Barnes / Stagg  1919Southampton, Hampshire, England F5111 Mitchell Families 
5 Bate / Bowie  7 Apr 1857Southampton, Hampshire, England F4821 Mitchell Families 
6 Bignell / Dumper  1871Southampton, Hampshire, England F7258 Mitchell Families 
7 Bowie / Barber  1863Southampton, Hampshire, England F4803 Mitchell Families 
8 Bowie / Lawrence  26 Jun 1855Southampton, Hampshire, England F4802 Mitchell Families 
9 Boyes / Gibbs  3 Apr 1863Southampton, Hampshire, England F5575 Mitchell Families 
10 Boyes / Gibbs  1881Southampton, Hampshire, England F5579 Mitchell Families 
11 Cox / Perriment  26 Dec 1935Southampton, Hampshire, England F2673 Mitchell Families 
12 Culling / Webb  1945Southampton, Hampshire, England F6678 Mitchell Families 
13 Fifield / Berry  1877Southampton, Hampshire, England F5544 Mitchell Families 
14 Granados / Barnes  1867Southampton, Hampshire, England F3224 Mitchell Families 
15 Horley / Horlock  1958Southampton, Hampshire, England F4415 Mitchell Families 
16 Mead / Culling  1940Southampton, Hampshire, England F6680 Mitchell Families 
17 Pomroy / Perriment  1934Southampton, Hampshire, England F6677 Mitchell Families 
18 Woodford / Berry  1904Southampton, Hampshire, England F5550 Mitchell Families 
19 Wooster / Malser  12 Feb 1846Southampton, Hampshire, England F5820 Mitchell Families 
20 Wooster / Snelgrove  30 Oct 1860Southampton, Hampshire, England F7108 Mitchell Families