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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


City, Town or Village : Latitude: -37.810001, Longitude: 144.960006


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Emily Jane  Mar 1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4900
2 Adams, George Harris  13 Jan 1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4901
3 Adams, Henry  Dec 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4903
4 Adams, Joseph William  10 Mar 1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4902
5 Berry, Una May  1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28226
6 Broadway, Florence Lilian  16 May 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I23498
7 Good, Maria  1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2387
8 Harkness, Annie Elizabeth  1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21830
9 Harkness, Arthur Thomas  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7254
10 Hordern, Anthony  24 Jul 1842Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14817
11 Hordern, Harriet  1844Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14818
12 Lambert, Isabella Mary  4 Sep 1882Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8555
13 Maidstone, Nancy Florence  1917Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21566
14 Mitchell, Carol Lee-Anne  6 Jul 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6579
15 Monger, Eliza  27 Sep 1845Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2383
16 Monger, Florence Emma  9 May 1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2402
17 Monger, Harriet  7 Dec 1847Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2384
18 Monger, Sarah  9 Jan 1843Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2382
19 Monger, Thomas Cox  28 May 1841Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2378
20 Monger, William  4 Aug 1839Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2367
21 Moulden, Edward Laurence  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6500
22 Pitts, Cecilia Teresa  13 Jul 1905Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2044
23 Schröder, Elsa Dorathea  8 Jan 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7244
24 Sidebottom, Emma Langford  1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I29122
25 Smith, Edward  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21601
26 Sneesby, David Henry  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I24350
27 Steenstraten, Elizabeth Rosa van der  Jul 1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8997
28 Stewart, Agnes  1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I29123
29 Stokes, Louisa  9 Jul 1876Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8549
30 Stokes, Philip William  5 Sep 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8550
31 Stokes, Philip William Clifford  25 Oct 1905Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8556
32 Witham, Pamela  29 Nov 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6507
33 Wooster, Alice Delia  20 Apr 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8991
34 Wooster, George Stratton  1 Jun 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8990
35 Wooster, Norma Elizabeth  20 Apr 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8992
36 Youngdal, Alma Theresa  1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25247


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Ethel Florence  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20588
2 Blackburn, Maurice McCrae  31 Mar 1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14793
3 Bricknell, Ivy Rose  1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6471
4 Bricknell, William  1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1934
5 Burgess, Mary Elizabeth  29 Jan 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I10017
6 Chapman, Frederick Melbourne  5 Jun 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5304
7 Cload, Emily Tozer  3 Mar 1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4896
8 Copperwaite, Elizabeth  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9035
9 Cox, Sarah  23 Jul 1903Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13904
10 Elliott, Thomas James  1942Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9415
11 Flynn, Jane  1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8546
12 Harkness, Hector  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21821
13 Hordern, Anthony  9 Jun 1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14776
14 Hunter, David  30 Jul 1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I18019
15 Johnson, Ellen Selina  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8563
16 Johnston, Barbara  1944Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6523
17 Latham, Herbert  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8562
18 Maidstone, Nancy Florence  2004Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21566
19 Maynard, Nancy Lorna  3 Feb 2000Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I23346
20 McCann, Edgar Hugh Michael  1950Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9421
21 Monger, Alice Maud Minnie  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2405
22 Monger, Cecilia Emma  13 May 1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2667
23 Monger, Harriet  12 May 1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2384
24 Monger, William  23 Jul 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2367
25 Moulden, Edward Laurence  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6500
26 Ramsay, Isabella Hilda  31 Jul 1963Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5463
27 Rübekamp, Adeline Dorothea  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7241
28 Schröder, Hilda Amy  2007Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7243
29 Shepherd, Timothy  1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25782
30 Sneesby, David Henry  1951Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I24350
31 Steenstraten, John van der  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9000
32 Stokes, Philip William  1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8550
33 Thorburn, Christina Myles  1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5302
34 Thorburn, Fanny Elizabeth  3 Feb 1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28221
35 Thorburn, Hector  24 Apr 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21820
36 Thorburn, Robert Lindsay  1963Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28229
37 White, Clara Isabella  Jan 1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28881
38 Witham, Matilda Irene  2003Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6486
39 Witham, Pamela  12 Mar 1990Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6507
40 Witham, Roy Morrison  1959Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I6483
41 Wooster, John Timothy  27 Feb 1954Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8985


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bassett, Ethel Florence  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20588
2 Bricknell, George  Dec 1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1930
3 Bricknell, Sarah  1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1931
4 Cload, Emily Tozer  1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4896
5 Everett, Robert  18 Dec 1876Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13763
6 Gleeson, Bridget Emma  Jan 1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1933
7 Hordern, Anthony  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I14776
8 Witham, George  1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1945

Application for Patent

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Application for Patent    Person ID 
1 Winterbotham, Clifford William  17 Apr 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15632

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Thorburn, William Henry  15 Mar 1918Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5300
2 Winterbotham, Clifford William  28 Apr 1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15632
3 Winterbotham, Ida Margaret  7 Dec 1942Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15628

Misc. Award

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc. Award    Person ID 
1 Sneesby, David Henry  21 Mar 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I24350


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Monger, Cecilia  8 Jan 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2379


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Harkness, Arthur Thomas  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7254
2 Harkness, Arthur Thomas  30 Jan 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7254
3 Harkness, Herbert  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21823
4 Harkness, Oswald Edward  1903Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21826
5 Harkness, Oswald Edward  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21826
6 Harkness, William Howard  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21827
7 Hordern, William  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2411
8 Pither, Abraham  20 Nov 1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28839
9 Pither, William  20 Nov 1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28838
10 White, James  20 Nov 1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28453
11 White, James  27 Mar 1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Everett, Robert  20 Oct 1877Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Harkness, Arthur Thomas  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7254
2 Harkness, Arthur Thomas  31 Jan 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I7254
3 Harkness, Herbert  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21823
4 Harkness, Oswald Edward  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21826
5 Harkness, William Howard  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21827
6 King, Mary Ann  1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21822
7 King, Mary Ann  1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21822


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Antone / Kelly  17 Jul 1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2385
2 Blackburn / Hordern  10 Dec 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F3712
3 Hordern / Monger  21 Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F633
4 Monger / McInnes  1921Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F631
5 Morgan / Monger  6 Apr 1842Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F672
6 Passano / Steenstraten  1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2383
7 Pither / White  20 Nov 1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6983
8 Prinsep / Bannerman  30 Apr 1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F4433
9 Redfern / Monger  1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6796
10 Sinnett / Burr  29 Oct 1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5390
11 Stedham / King  2 Jul 1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F4173
12 Stokes / Latham  4 Nov 1933Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2283
13 White / Taylor  27 Mar 1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6982
14 Winterbotham / de Mole  25 Mar 1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F3885