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London, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 51.5001524, Longitude: -0.1262362


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Postcards from London
Postcards from London (3)
A collection of postcards from London


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allighan, Garry  18 Aug 1949London, England I3294
2 Barefoot, Bernard  1887London, England I12257
3 Barefoot, Mabel  1888London, England I12258
4 Barratt, Percy  1873London, England I1358
5 Boyce, Mary Ann  Est 1810London, England I12601
6 Chabot, Jane  25 Jun 1844London, England I17906
7 Childs, Ellen  1860London, England I2256
8 Cleaver, Sarah Ann  10 May 1836London, England I2252
9 Conder, Francis Roubiliac  26 Nov 1815London, England I16917
10 Cook, Selina  1832London, England I10394
11 Cooper, Ada Emma  15 Oct 1865London, England I29260
12 de Rusett, William  1849London, England I11552
13 DeHaan, Eleanor  1898London, England I29550
14 DeHaan, Hannah  1885London, England I29545
15 DeHaan, Harry  30 May 1894London, England I29549
16 DeHaan, Morris  25 May 1892London, England I29548
17 Doyle, Eliza  Cal 1837London, England I19438
18 Dresselhuys, Ghislaine Marie-Rose Edith  7 Jan 1922London, England I20654
19 Elkins, Mary Elizabeth  1884London, England I2019
20 Ellis, Elizabeth  Cal 1857London, England I9875
21 Evans, Agnes  Cal 1856London, England I4978
22 Fitt, Elizabeth  Cal 1813London, England I12644
23 Forecast, William  Abt 1866London, England I1350
24 Freeman, Mary  Abt 1800London, England I15589
25 Freemantle, William  1839London, England I10201
26 Giles, Amy  Cal 1848London, England I16280
27 Goldfinch, Henry George  6 Mar 1824London, England I22173
28 Granados, Joseph  Cal 1841London, England I12633
29 Granados, Mary Ann  Cal 1842London, England I12634
30 Griffiths, Mary E  Cal 1849London, England I18163
31 Grosvenor, Lady Mary Frances  Cal 1821London, England I20666
32 Hall, Arthur J C  Cal 1876London, England I22348
33 Handley, Catherine Eliza  15 Mar 1869London, England I29576
34 Hodge, George  Cal 1836London, England I8200
35 Hodge, Mary Ann  Cal 1841London, England I8202
36 Hordern, Anthony  16 Jul 1819London, England I14778
37 Johnson, Ann  1741London, England I12500
38 Krelle, Charlotte  1792London, England I10140
39 Lee, Charles  Cal 1868London, England I13707
40 Lyons, Anne Marie  1815London, England I20248
41 Marlow, Elizabeth  Abt 1843London, England I1058
42 Marshall, Henry  1845London, England I7152
43 Mason, Thomas Alfred  1849London, England I21939
44 Mills, Lydia  1798London, England I28972
45 Mitchell, M  Cal 1877London, England I13471
46 Mitchell, Robert C  Cal 1879London, England I13472
47 Monger, Elizabeth Mary  1862London, England I2706
48 Norris, Sarah Scotman  1824London, England I1322
49 Parker, Hon. Alexander Edward JP  1 Jul 1864London, England I20676
50 Parker, Viscount Cecil Thomas  27 Mar 1845London, England I20668
51 Parker, George Augustus  19 Oct 1843London, England I20667
52 Parker, Thomas Augustus Wolstenholme 6th Earl of Macclesfield  17 Mar 1811London, England I20664
53 Paulin, James  Abt 1822London, England I2177
54 Petzold, Katferriner  31 Dec 1904London, England I26218
55 Pierce, Frederick Walter  1853London, England I11174
56 Prinsep, Henry Anthony Leyland Val  21 Sep 1888London, England I17939
57 Quigley, Eliza  4 Nov 1825London, England I11545
58 Quigley, Elizabeth Charlotte  1 May 1823London, England I11544
59 Quigley, George  19 Mar 1821London, England I14590
60 Quigley, Mary Ann  19 May 1824London, England I11532
61 Rosier, Jane  Cal 1806London, England I11367
62 Rudduck, Edward  Cal 1862London, England I16143
63 Sargent, Elizabeth  Cal 1808London, England I8198
64 Shepherd, Abraham  Cal 1782London, England I12868
65 Silkstone, Jane  1770London, England I12497
66 Simson, Ellen  14 Mar 1889London, England I1364
67 Simson, John  Abt 1883London, England I1361
68 Simson, Rebecca  Abt 1866London, England I1349
69 Simson, Sarah  Abt 1868London, England I1351
70 Spearing-Dyer, John Ernest  1909London, England I2267
71 Switzer, Alexander  20 Jun 1897London, England I1310
72 Teakle, Jessie  Cal 1859London, England I6751
73 Tozer, William Percy  1864London, England I4934
74 Turner, Mary  1801London, England I22061
75 Voice, John Henry  Abt 1845London, England I29124
76 [Millson], Harriet  Cal 1805London, England I20235
77 [Paulin], Matilda  Abt 1823London, England I2178
78 [Shepherd], Susannah  Cal 1782London, England I12870
79 [Ware], Maria  Cal 1858London, England I23999
80 [Wright], Mary Ann  Cal 1797London, England I23435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Krelle, Charlotte  6 Apr 1792London, England I10140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Alice  21 Jan 1948London, England I24373
2 Brimble, Nellie  London, England I5195
3 Cleaver, Charles William John  8 May 1959London, England I2260
4 Colegrove, Elizabeth Anne T  19 Apr 2007London, England I817
5 Cubitt, Mildred Sophia  9 Mar 1930London, England I20640
6 Currey, Frances  20 Dec 1909London, England I12623
7 Dadd, George William  1912London, England I23712
8 Haddon, John  3 Feb 1854London, England I25023
9 Howes, Harriet Rachel  1861London, England I12766
10 Löhr, Marie Kaye Wouldes  21 Jan 1975London, England I17940
11 Leyland, Florence  22 Jul 1921London, England I17933
12 Marston, Emma Louisa  19 Nov 1926London, England I17462
13 Pelluet, John Norman  1972London, England I23840
14 Petzold, Katferriner  Abt 1991London, England I26218
15 Prinsep, Henry Anthony Leyland Val  26 Oct 1942London, England I17939
16 Prinsep, Valentine Cameron  4 Nov 1904London, England I17932
17 Quigley, Eliza  26 Nov 1826London, England I11545
18 Quigley, Elizabeth Charlotte  15 Jun 1824London, England I11544
19 Quigley, George  Bef 1824London, England I14590
20 Skelton, George William  1880London, England I14513
21 Steedman, Andrew  1878London, England I15529
22 Steedman, Andrew  1878London, England I15529
23 Stokes, Philip William  1968London, England I3271
24 Tozer, Emily  7 Jan 1862London, England I23146
25 Tripe, Cornelius  1818London, England I18992
26 Webber, Derrick Alan  May 1985London, England I16578
27 Winterbotham, Edward John  8 Dec 1999London, England I15690
28 Wooster, Henry  2 Sep 1913London, England I17447
29 Wooster, Thomas  17 Aug 1853London, England I26964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Garland, Jean  16 Mar 1973London, England I20697
2 Leyland, Florence  London, England I17933

Application for Patent

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Application for Patent    Person ID 
1 Boyes, Ebenezer  1871London, England I11430


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bankruptcy    Person ID 
1 Keene, Lancelot James  11 Dec 1866London, England I1061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Beneficiary    Person ID 
1 Wooster, David  21 Jun 1879London, England I24135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Leyland, Florence  3 Apr 1881London, England I17933
2 Winterbotham, Thomas  2 Apr 1871London, England I15594


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Certificate    Person ID 
1 Wooster, Captain Arthur William O.B.E.  24 Dec 1898London, England I12464

Creditors Notice

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Creditors Notice    Person ID 
1 Holmden, Samuel Nicholson  6 Mar 1922London, England I22147

Criminal Charges

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Criminal Charges    Person ID 
1 Keene, Lancelot James  17 Aug 1868London, England I1061