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Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England


City, Town or Village : Latitude: 50.282963889241344, Longitude: -3.7794041633605957


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cove, Marcus Percival  16 Jul 1909Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I1226
2 Crimp, Frances Jane Sydney  8 Jul 1898Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I19168
3 Foale, Alfred George  1898Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10974
4 Foale, Andrew  21 Jan 1887Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10968
5 Foale, Gertrude Violet  14 Dec 1892Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10972
6 Foale, Harriet M  1889Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10970
7 Foale, Phillip  1873Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10965
8 Foale, William Thomas Dignam  1885Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10967
9 Fry, Audrey Eileen  22 Jul 1928Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27387
10 Hill, Gladys Winifred  1890Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27377
11 Husson, John Bowden  25 Jan 1843Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10624
12 Johns, Ernest  1889Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I4122
13 Johns, Ernest K  1915Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I12492
14 Johns, Susan M  1914Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I12491
15 Luckham, Susanna  Cal 1831Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10543
16 Michell, Mary  1768Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I3838
17 Michell, Thomas Hallett  1766Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I3837
18 Rhymes, Percival Henry  6 Feb 1920Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27378
19 Rhymes, Peter Kenneth  12 Sep 1931Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I1228
20 Rhymes, Ronald J  1925Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27380
21 Skentelbery, William Henry  1886Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10051
22 Smerdon, Samuel Sidney George  22 May 1914Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I554
23 Steer, Harriet  1842Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I4217
24 Winzor, Florence Edith  31 Oct 1884Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10969


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowdon, Catherine  1894Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10622
2 Bowhay, Nicholas  1848Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10520
3 Bowhay, Nicholas Hyne  1873Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10521
4 Brooking, William John T.B.  Oct 1986Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I18033
5 Dignam, Mary Ann Margaret  2 Aug 1940Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10966
6 Distin, John  12 Oct 1899Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I16612
7 Edwards, Ann  1852Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I17731
8 Foale, Alfred George  1903Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10974
9 Foale, Ann Edwards  1921Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10952
10 Foale, Gertrude Violet  9 Feb 1941Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10972
11 Foale, Richard  1879Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I17730
12 Foale, Robert  5 Jan 1911Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10956
13 Foxworthy, Samuel Hyne  1873Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10597
14 Gillard, Bessie Ann Sherriff  20 Mar 1941Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27382
15 Godwin, Lily Irene  Jul 1988Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I9115
16 Heath, Sarah Steer  5 Dec 1910Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10957
17 Hutchings, Lavinia Jane  1943Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27420
18 Hyne, John Roope  7 Apr 1841Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I1143
19 Lane, Gladys Maud  Jan 1991Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I19166
20 Mitchell, Sarah  1949Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I3619
21 Oldrey, John  21 Aug 1870Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I1314
22 Pearce, Frederick George  15 Sep 1977Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27397
23 Rhymes, George Edward  30 May 2005Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27379
24 Rhymes, John William  1926Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27414
25 Rhymes, Ronald J  1930Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27380
26 Rhymes, Thomas Henry  2 May 1941Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27381
27 Rhymes, William Claude  1969Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27430
28 Rowe, Sarah Jane P  1982Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I18031
29 Skentelbery, Benjamin  1924Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10954
30 Skentelbery, Benjamin  1926Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I10951
31 Stokes, Harold Henry  9 Sep 1969Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I489
32 Stokes, Vera May  Mar 1988Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I744


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bratcher, William John  2 Apr 1871Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I5047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bratcher, William John  2 Apr 1871Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I5047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fry, Audrey Eileen  2005Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27387
2 Rhymes, George Edward  2005Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27379
3 Rhymes, Peter Kenneth  2014Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I1228
4 Rhymes, Thomas John  2010Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England I27388


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowhay / Down  1859Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2741
2 Bowhay / Luckham  1858Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2743
3 Cove / Stokes  1934Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F337
4 Foale / Dignam  1881Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2835
5 Foale / Heath  16 Oct 1851Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2834
6 Foale / Winzor  1907Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2836
7 Johns / Corner  1912Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1093
8 Lapthorn / Foale  1897Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2837
9 Macers / Mitchell  1896Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1130
10 Maddock / Foxworthy  1846Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F2753
11 Michell / [Michell]  2 Aug 1763Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1028
12 Mitchell / May  1839Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1139
13 Mitchell / Patey  Aug 1852Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1124
14 Mitchell / Shepherd  1846Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1123
15 Mitchell / Steer  1862Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F1122
16 Rhymes / Gillard  1887Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F6620
17 Rhymes / Putt  1856Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England F6633