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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


City, Town or Village : Latitude: -42.87973793695001, Longitude: 147.3270034790039


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cleaver, Albert  1894Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6393 Mitchell Families 
2 Cleaver, Eileen Mary  1897Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6394 Mitchell Families 
3 Cleaver, Florence May  22 Jan 1882Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6380 Mitchell Families 
4 Cleaver, Frederick  1892Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6392 Mitchell Families 
5 Cleaver, Louis George Charles Henry  15 Jan 1880Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6379 Mitchell Families 
6 Everett, Albert Warn  11 Jul 1860Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13771 Mitchell Families 
7 Everett, Lucy Ann  12 Mar 1852Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13768 Mitchell Families 
8 Everett, Robert Mitchburn  23 Jun 1856Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13769 Mitchell Families 
9 Everett, Sarah Valencia  31 Jan 1850Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13767 Mitchell Families 
10 Everett, Theresa Mary Ann Eliza  15 Feb 1846Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13766 Mitchell Families 
11 Everett, William Jones  4 Jul 1858Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13770 Mitchell Families 
12 Walker, Jane Elizabeth  3 Jun 1879Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6384 Mitchell Families 
13 Wooster, Charlotte  6 Aug 1860Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8971 Mitchell Families 
14 Wooster, Henry  14 Feb 1854Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I24884 Mitchell Families 
15 Wooster, James Joseph  Oct 1875Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8798 Mitchell Families 
16 Wooster, John  1843Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8796 Mitchell Families 
17 Wooster, John Bailey  12 Jun 1857Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8970 Mitchell Families 
18 Wooster, John Timothy  16 Apr 1869Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8985 Mitchell Families 
19 Wooster, Lucy  6 Aug 1860Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8972 Mitchell Families 
20 Wooster, Martha Jane  5 May 1871Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8974 Mitchell Families 
21 Wooster, Mary Ann  1867Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8984 Mitchell Families 
22 Wooster, Peter Joseph Edward  6 Oct 1870Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8987 Mitchell Families 
23 Wooster, Susannah Elizabeth  20 Nov 1855Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8969 Mitchell Families 
24 Wooster, William Timothy  16 Jan 1863Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8973 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anning, William Sillifint  1 Jul 1880Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I9303 Mitchell Families 
2 Bester, Albert Henry  5 Aug 1979Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6599 Mitchell Families 
3 Blume, Gertrude Wilhemina Alwin  18 Jul 1998Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I1396 Mitchell Families 
4 Breakspear, Archie  2002Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I1394 Mitchell Families 
5 Cleaver, Florence May  1882Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6380 Mitchell Families 
6 Cleaver, Lawson James  1940Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I7743 Mitchell Families 
7 Cleaver, Timothy  5 Jan 1930Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6368 Mitchell Families 
8 Copperwaite, Richard  1853Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I7543 Mitchell Families 
9 Everett, Robert  1832Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I25245 Mitchell Families 
10 Everett, Robert Mitchburn  5 Jul 1925Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13769 Mitchell Families 
11 Everett, Sarah Valencia  1921Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I13767 Mitchell Families 
12 Everett, William John  18 Oct 1847Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I25252 Mitchell Families 
13 McMichan, Mary  Bef 1861Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8795 Mitchell Families 
14 Mitchburn, Martha  29 Aug 1845Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I25246 Mitchell Families 
15 Quinn, Catherine  8 Mar 1885Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I20820 Mitchell Families 
16 Rawlings, Lucy  1900Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8968 Mitchell Families 
17 Rix, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Jan 1892Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I9304 Mitchell Families 
18 Wooster, Charlotte  18 Dec 1860Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8971 Mitchell Families 
19 Wooster, John Bailey  19 Dec 1873Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8967 Mitchell Families 
20 Wooster, John Bailey  1908Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8970 Mitchell Families 
21 Wooster, Lucy  12 Jul 1863Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8972 Mitchell Families 
22 Wooster, Mary Ann  1867Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8984 Mitchell Families 
23 Wooster, Timothy  10 May 1868Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8794 Mitchell Families 
24 Wooster, William Timothy  26 Dec 1880Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8973 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Everett, William John  Oct 1847Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I25252 Mitchell Families 

Prisoner Records

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Prisoner Records    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wooster, Timothy  From 20 Nov 1829 to 1838Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I8794 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Walker, Jane Elizabeth  15 Feb 1916Hobart, Tasmania, Australia I6384 Mitchell Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bester / Cleaver  14 Jun 1917Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F1752 Mitchell Families 
2 Cleaver / Fahey  29 Apr 1878Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F1684 Mitchell Families 
3 Everett / Cox  26 Oct 1848Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F3484 Mitchell Families 
4 Maggs / Quinn  12 Jun 1850Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F5064 Mitchell Families 
5 Wooster / Kelly  13 Feb 1867Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F2346 Mitchell Families 
6 Wooster / McMichan  14 Mar 1842Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F2345 Mitchell Families 
7 Wooster / Rawlings  7 Mar 1853Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F2374 Mitchell Families 
8 Wooster / Wilmott  31 Dec 1861Hobart, Tasmania, Australia F2386 Mitchell Families