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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


City, Town or Village : Latitude: -27.459999, Longitude: 153.020004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cook, Madge Winifred  Jan 1922Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15842 Winterbotham Families 
2 Cox, Norma Winifred  19 Mar 1920Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16872 Mitchell Families 
3 Cox, Rosina Margeret  24 Aug 1879Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16869 Mitchell Families 
4 Cox, Rosine  10 Oct 1874Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16851 Mitchell Families 
5 Cox, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Apr 1873Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16850 Mitchell Families 
6 Laurie, Joyce  29 Oct 1920Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15852 Winterbotham Families 
7 Quigley, Amelia May  29 Nov 1908Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17241 Mitchell Families 
8 Ramsay, Harvey Taylor  13 Jan 1908Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I5443 Mitchell Families 
9 Ramsay, Isabella Hilda  13 Jan 1908Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I5463 Mitchell Families 
10 Sheahan, Sandra  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21166 Mitchell Families 
11 Sheahan, Terence  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21167 Mitchell Families 
12 Whelan, Mary Ann  3 Mar 1849Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16868 Mitchell Families 
13 Winterbotham, Dr Harold John  11 May 1916Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15845 Winterbotham Families 
14 Winterbotham, Ida Margaret  23 Oct 1914Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15628 Winterbotham Families 
15 Winterbotham, Keith  3 Nov 1919Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15847 Winterbotham Families 
16 Winterbotham, Lindsey Richard  5 Feb 1913Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15627 Winterbotham Families 
17 Winterbotham, Richard Steedman  13 Aug 1922Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15631 Winterbotham Families 
18 Winterbotham, Robert Clifford  30 Sep 1917Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15846 Winterbotham Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ramsay, Isabella Hilda  2 May 1908Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I5463 Mitchell Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boland, Mary Grace  27 Aug 1924Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21480 Mitchell Families 
2 Campbell, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1958Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21241 Mitchell Families 
3 Campbell, Ellen Agatha  8 Nov 1971Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21239 Mitchell Families 
4 Campbell, George Henry  2 Jul 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21237 Mitchell Families 
5 Campbell, Joseph Patrick  1 Oct 1945Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21233 Mitchell Families 
6 Campbell, Margaret Jane Frances  16 Mar 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16874 Mitchell Families 
7 Campbell, Mary Ann  21 Oct 1968Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21238 Mitchell Families 
8 Campbell, Patrick John  9 Jun 1970Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21236 Mitchell Families 
9 Campbell, William James  3 Aug 1955Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21234 Mitchell Families 
10 Cox, Florence Grace  1963Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16855 Mitchell Families 
11 Cox, James  27 Nov 1880Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16844 Mitchell Families 
12 Cox, Mary Ann Helen  10 Jul 1955Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16853 Mitchell Families 
13 Cox, Rosina  17 Apr 1875Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16848 Mitchell Families 
14 Dodimead, Elizabeth D W  14 Jul 1935Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I26028 Mitchell Families 
15 Dodimead, Vera Phoebe  25 Jan 2005Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I26009 Mitchell Families 
16 Flanagan, Douglas Glenn  16 Nov 2003Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I11396 Mitchell Families 
17 Hockings, Martha Elizabeth  19 Nov 1972Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16878 Mitchell Families 
18 Jones, Louisa Matilda  1 Jul 1941Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I26010 Mitchell Families 
19 Moody, John Harper  7 Jun 1998Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I16882 Mitchell Families 
20 Moore, Constance Mary  12 Nov 1961Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15625 Winterbotham Families 
21 Oung, Winifred Maude  Jan 1989Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I11388 Mitchell Families 
22 Quigley, Amelia May  3 Nov 1911Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I17241 Mitchell Families 
23 Sanders, Agnes Jane  6 Aug 1951Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I25714 Mitchell Families 
24 Sanders, Mary Ann  3 Dec 1941Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I25712 Mitchell Families 
25 Sheahan, Campbell Bernard Joseph  11 Jun 1965Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21164 Mitchell Families 
26 Sheahan, Edmond Francis  26 Sep 1928Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21483 Mitchell Families 
27 Sheahan, Irene Grace  Aug 1987Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I21485 Mitchell Families 
28 Stokes, Henry John  Abt 1984Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I3275 Mitchell Families 
29 Turner, Sarah  5 Aug 1889Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I2376 Mitchell Families 
30 Winterbotham, Ida Margaret  1 Aug 2008Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15628 Winterbotham Families 
31 Winterbotham, Dr Lindsey Page  26 Feb 1960Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15624 Winterbotham Families 
32 Winterbotham, Richard Steedman  17 Aug 2000Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I15631 Winterbotham Families 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dodimead, Edwin William  23 Jan 1875Brisbane, Queensland, Australia I26014 Mitchell Families 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dodimead / Jones  23 Jan 1875Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F6259 Mitchell Families 
2 Winterbotham / Cook  12 Mar 1942Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F3949 Winterbotham Families 
3 Winterbotham / Laurie  2 Dec 1944Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F3953 Winterbotham Families 
4 Winterbotham / Moore  20 Feb 1912Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F3888 Winterbotham Families 
5 Winterbotham / Winterbotham  30 Jun 1955Brisbane, Queensland, Australia F3940 Winterbotham Families