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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


City, Town or Village : Latitude: -37.563318, Longitude: 143.863715


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brudenell, Alfred Thomas  1883Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26299
2 Brudenell, Arthur Harold  30 Jul 1890Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26301
3 Brudenell, Elizabeth  1859Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9476
4 Brudenell, Fanny Matilda  1886Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26300
5 Brudenell, Francis William  1907Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26304
6 Brudenell, Gertrude Elizabeth  1896Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26302
7 Brudenell, Isaac Adcock  1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26294
8 Brudenell, Mabel Gladys  1898Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26303
9 Burgess, Alfred  Cal 1853Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10011
10 Burgess, Arthur Edwin  1864Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10016
11 Burgess, Ellen Harriet  1858Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10013
12 Burgess, Henry Alfred Wood  20 Oct 1873Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10020
13 Burgess, Isaac  1857Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10012
14 Burgess, Mary Elizabeth  1866Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10017
15 Carlyon, William Ernest  1910Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9410
16 Carnegie, Cecilia Mary  1 Feb 1858Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2533
17 Clarke, Dorothy  1916Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9401
18 Copperwaite, Albert  Jul 1927Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9052
19 Copperwaite, Alfred  14 May 1905Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9047
20 Copperwaite, Alfred Henry  1887Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9038
21 Copperwaite, Arthur  1892Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9040
22 Copperwaite, Doris May  1903Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9406
23 Copperwaite, Ernest Alexander  15 Sep 1914Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9412
24 Copperwaite, Gertrude May  1894Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9041
25 Copperwaite, John (Jack) Arthur  1900Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9049
26 Copperwaite, Lily  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9039
27 Copperwaite, Mavis Louden Benbow  18 Jan 1908Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9408
28 Copperwaite, Myrtle  1899Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9042
29 Copperwaite, Myrtle Isabel  1912Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9417
30 Copperwaite, Roy  12 Apr 1911Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9050
31 Copperwaite, Sylvia Florence  1909Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9409
32 Copperwaite, Thomas Valentine  1897Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9048
33 Copperwaite, William Kenneth  1912Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9411
34 Elliott, Thomas James  1882Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9415
35 Exon, Elizabeth  18 Jan 1877Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9487
36 Huckerby, Kate  30 Aug 1856Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I3626
37 Mason, Henry James  1873Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9045
38 Munger, John William  1860Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2534
39 Searle, Vida May  19 Aug 1906Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9051
40 Stone, Elizabeth Ann  1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26298
41 Taylor, Isabella  1888Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9416
42 Thorburn, Coral  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I19131
43 Thorburn, Sandra  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I19130
44 Thurpe, Jessie Alexandra  1901Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9400
45 Trahar, Emily Jane  1882Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9402
46 Veal, James Nicholas  1901Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9419
47 Wilson, Isabella Fulton  1880Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9403
48 Wilson, Marion  1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2545
49 Wood, Minnie Burgess  1886Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I13512
50 Woodburgess, George William  10 Oct 1860Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10014
51 Woodburgess, John Thomas  1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10015
52 Woodburgess, Minnie  1869Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10018
53 Woodburgess, William Adcock  5 Oct 1871Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10019
54 Young, Robert Gordon  1899Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9407


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Henry  16 Sep 1860Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9462
2 Broadway, Thomas Neilson  1969Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I4566
3 Brudenell, Catherine  12 Jun 1921Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9033
4 Brudenell, Elizabeth Ann  15 Nov 1949Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26293
5 Brudenell, Francis William  23 Aug 1982Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26304
6 Brudenell, Gertrude Elizabeth  1902Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26302
7 Brudenell, Henry Adcock  28 Mar 1910Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9454
8 Brudenell, Isaac Adcock  30 Nov 1923Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26294
9 Brudenell, Mabel Gladys  13 Nov 1958Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26303
10 Brudenell, Thomas Alfred  1891Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9452
11 Brudenell, William  1 Mar 1894Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9451
12 Burgess, Alfred  1873Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10011
13 Burgess, Arthur Edwin  1866Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I10016
14 Clarke, Dorothy  1989Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9401
15 Cleaver, Charlotte  1916Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2231
16 Cleaver, John Henry  1886Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2221
17 Cleaver, William  1937Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2226
18 Copperwaite, Albert  2007Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9052
19 Copperwaite, Alfred  1978Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9047
20 Copperwaite, Alfred Henry  1965Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9038
21 Copperwaite, Arthur  1969Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9040
22 Copperwaite, Gertrude May  1992Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9041
23 Copperwaite, John  1868Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I7546
24 Copperwaite, John  1911Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I7548
25 Copperwaite, John Thomas  1936Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9043
26 Copperwaite, Myrtle  1905Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9042
27 Copperwaite, Myrtle Isabel  1923Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9417
28 Copperwaite, Roy  1995Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9050
29 Copperwaite, Sylvia Florence  1994Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9409
30 Copperwaite, Thelma Elizabeth  1971Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9404
31 Copperwaite, William Charles  1958Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9034
32 Copperwaite, William Kenneth  1913Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9411
33 Featherstone, Percival Baden  1963Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9422
34 Hunter, William  25 Dec 1935Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I18022
35 Jenkins, Ivor John  1966Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9405
36 Munger, John William  4 Mar 1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2534
37 Northnagel, Elizabeth  1954Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9046
38 Searle, Vida May  1982Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9051
39 Stone, Elizabeth Ann  Bef 17 Nov 1949Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I26298
40 Strange, Caroline  12 Apr 1892Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I28816
41 Strange, Edmund  1900Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I28817
42 Strange, Jason  6 Jun 1881Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I28821
43 Strange, Jesse  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I28818
44 Strange, William  16 Mar 1875Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I28812
45 Taylor, Isabella  1958Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9416
46 Trahar, Emily Jane  1918Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9402
47 Veal, James Nicholas  1965Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9419
48 Wilson, Marion  1863Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2545


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Munger, John William  1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I2534

Military Service

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Copperwaite, Thomas Valentine  4 May 1915Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I9048


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brudenell / Exon  24 May 1907Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2519
2 Brudenell / Stone  1883Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F6345
3 Cleaver / Martin  19 Jun 1872Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F586
4 Copperwaite / Brudenell  21 Oct 1873Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2391
5 Copperwaite / Clarke  1941Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2493
6 Copperwaite / Northnagel  6 May 1897Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2393
7 Copperwaite / Searle  10 Mar 1926Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2394
8 Copperwaite / Taylor  1909Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2502
9 Featherstone / Copperwaite  1922Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2505
10 Granland / Copperwaite  1898Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2500
11 Jenkins / Copperwaite  1942Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2496
12 Mason / Copperwaite  1897Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2392
13 McCann / Copperwaite  1909Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F2504
14 Wilson / Monger  15 Jun 1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F673