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401 S9353 Census 1841 Smethwick, Staffordshire, England HO107/980/6/47/17 (James Stamps)  (HO107/980/6/47/17).Mitchell Families 
402 S6439 Census 1841 South Pool, Devonshire, England HO107/212/6/7 (James Distin)  (HO107/212/6/7).Mitchell Families 
403 S10144 Census 1841 South Stoneham, Hampshire, England (John Bignell)  (HO107/402/21/34/14).Mitchell Families 
404 S6703 Census 1841 Southwark, London, England HO107/1083/5/46/28 (Mary [Grayling] Watson)  (HO107/1083/5/46/28).Mitchell Families 
405 S5858 Census 1841 Southwark, London, England HO107/1083/7/21/34 (Thomas Ricketts)  (HO107/1083/7/21/34).Mitchell Families 
406 S3895 Census 1841 Southwark, London, England HO107/1085/6/P14 (Aaron Cryer).Mitchell Families 
407 S4962 Census 1841 Speen, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/42/16/P4 (Free Turner).Mitchell Families 
408 S7695 Census 1841 Spennithorne, Yorkshire, England HO107/1254/4/5/16 (William Denison)  (HO107/1254/4/5/16).Mitchell Families 
409 S3024 Census 1841 St Catherines, SOM HO107/931/7.Mitchell Families 
410 S5092 Census 1841 St George Hanover Square, London, England HO107/732/8/P5 (Sarah Neave [Hue]).Mitchell Families 
411 S9609 Census 1841 St George Hanover Square, London, England HO107/733/4/16/25 (James Lyne)  (HO107/733/4/16/25).Mitchell Families 
412 S9865 Census 1841 St George in the East, London, England HO107/696/4/1 (Sarah [Hollely])  (HO107/696/4/1).Mitchell Families 
413 S6009 Census 1841 St Germans, Cornwall, England HO107/135/5/2 (James Dawe)  (HO107/135/5/2).Mitchell Families 
414 S4753 Census 1841 St Giles Parish, London, England HO107/673/2/P22 (Thomas Cleaver).Mitchell Families 
415 S9709 Census 1841 St Giles without Cripplegate, London, England HO107/727/2/14/23 (Daniel Eyles)  (HO107/727/2/14/23).Mitchell Families 
416 S5127 Census 1841 St Johns, Cornwall, England HO107/135/6/P3 (Mary [de Rusett] Tripe).Mitchell Families 
417 S2981 Census 1841 St Marychurch, Torquay, DEV.Mitchell Families 
418 S5102 Census 1841 St Olave, London, England HO107/1087/10/P3 (John Clarke).Mitchell Families 
419 S5294 Census 1841 Stamford, Lincolnshire, England HO107/625/6/P16 (Judith Mitchelson [Snarey]).Mitchell Families 
420 S5292 Census 1841 Stamford, Lincolnshire, England HO107/627/6/45/29 (William Snarey).Mitchell Families 
421 S5137 Census 1841 Stepney, London, England HO107/712/14/P10 (John Goodman).Mitchell Families 
422 S9863 Census 1841 Stepney, London, England HO107/714/5/9/11 (Mary Smith [Hollely])  (HO107/714/5/9/11).Mitchell Families 
423 S9246 Census 1841 Stilton, Huntingdonshire, England HO107/452/22/6/9 (Matthew Wilson)  (HO107/452/22/6/9).Mitchell Families 
424 S2995 Census 1841 Stoke Damerel, DEV HO 107/272/3.Mitchell Families 
425 S7206 Census 1841 Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, England HO107/272/2/10/14 (Cornelius Tripe)  (HO107/272/2/10/14).Mitchell Families 
426 S7186 Census 1841 Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, England HO107/272/6/11/17 (Thomas Dustin)  (HO107/272/6/11/17).Mitchell Families 
427 S9504 Census 1841 Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, England HO107/273/3/24/43 (Maria Cloke [Holman])  (HO107/273/3/24/43).Mitchell Families 
428 S6121 Census 1841 Stoke Damerel, Devonshire, England HO107/274/1/8 (John Batten)  (HO107/274/1/8).Winterbotham Families 
429 S4905 Census 1841 Stoke Talmage, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/5/P1 (John Broadway).Mitchell Families 
430 S9850 Census 1841 Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire, England HO107/883/12/14/2 (William Strange)  (HO107/883/12/14/2).Mitchell Families 
431 S9898 Census 1841 Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire, England HO107/883/12/52/9 (Thomas Saunders)  (HO107/883/12/52/9).Mitchell Families 
432 S6003 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/10/4 (Joseph Bassett)  (HO107/349/10/4).Mitchell Families 
433 S3974 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/10/P1 (Anthony Teakle).Mitchell Families 
434 S5997 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/12/11 (Walter Vick)  (HO107/349/12/11).Mitchell Families 
435 S4899 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/12/P2 (Joseph Bassett).Mitchell Families 
436 S7349 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/13/2 (Thomas Bennett)  (HO107/349/13/2).Mitchell Families 
437 S4064 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/13/P1 (Miles Vick Pearce).Mitchell Families 
438 S8759 Census 1841 Stroud, Gloucestershire, England HO107/349/34A/18 (James Fisher)  (HO107/349/34A/18).Mitchell Families 
439 S8055 Census 1851 Charing Cross, London, England HO107/1481/162/7 (Ellis Ellis)  (HO107/1481/162/7).Mitchell Families 
440 S5655 Census 1841 Sulhamstead, Berkshire, England HO107/29/14/P2 (Isaac Miles)  (HO107/29/14/P2).Mitchell Families 
441 S5852 Census 1841 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales HO107/1426/2/13/19 (John Ace)  (HO107/1426/2/13/19).Mitchell Families 
442 S5853 Census 1841 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales HO107/1426/3/43/31 (Edward Monger)  (HO107/1426/3/43/31).Mitchell Families 
443 S7650 Census 1841 Swineshead, Lincolnshire, England HO107/611/11/8/8 (Thomas Stubley)  (HO107/611/11/8/8).Mitchell Families 
444 S8376 Census 1841 Tadley, Hampshire, England HO107/392/23/17/29 (David Monger)  (HO107/392/23/17/29).Mitchell Families 
445 S6043 Census 1841 Taibach, Glamorganshire, Wales HO107/1422/18/14 (Evan Daniel)  (HO107/1422/18/14).Mitchell Families 
446 S7955 Census 1841 Taunton, Somerset, England HO107/972/4/44/30 (George Nowell)  (HO107/972/4/44/30).Mitchell Families 
447 S4694 Census 1841 Teignmouth, Devonshire, England HO107/220/15/P9 (Mary Ann Horwill).Mitchell Families 
448 S3000 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/11.Mitchell Families 
449 S3637 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/11 (John Selwood).Mitchell Families 
450 S7526 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/11/21/2 (Sarah Holder)  (HO107/362/11/21/2).Mitchell Families 
451 S9426 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/11/46/27 (John Hall)  (HO107/362/11/46/27).Mitchell Families 
452 S3091 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12.Mitchell Families 
453 S3090 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12.Mitchell Families 
454 S3088 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12.Mitchell Families 
455 S3087 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12.Mitchell Families 
456 S3032 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12.Mitchell Families 
457 S3150 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12 (George Cleaver).Mitchell Families 
458 S3149 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12 (James Cleaver).Mitchell Families 
459 S7325 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12/23/12 (Charles Mann)  (HO107/362/12/23/12).Mitchell Families 
460 S8685 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12/32/30 (Thomas Selby)  (HO107/362/12/32/30).Mitchell Families 
461 S7356 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12/7/10 (Abraham Dowdeswell)  (HO107/362/12/7/10).Mitchell Families 
462 S4129 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/12/P1 (John Mitchell).Mitchell Families 
463 S6331 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/22/4 (George Lambert)  (HO107/362/22/4).Mitchell Families 
464 S7311 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/23/13 (Henry Cleaver)  (HO107/362/23/13).Mitchell Families 
465 S6330 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/48/31 (James Lambert)  (HO107/362/48/31).Mitchell Families 
466 S3638 Census 1841 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/363/11 (Robert Dowswell).Mitchell Families 
467 S6093 Census 1841 Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England HO107/380/12/18 (Lindsey Winterbotham)  (HO107/380/12/18).Winterbotham Families 
468 S5433 Census 1841 Thorverton, Devonshire, England HO107/226/13/P2 (James Langabeer).Mitchell Families 
469 S5434 Census 1841 Thorverton, Devonshire, England HO107/226/13/P2 (William Langabeer).Mitchell Families 
470 S8249 Census 1841 Topsham, Devonshire, England HO107/265/22/11/16 (Robert Quick)  (HO107/265/22/11/16).Mitchell Families 
471 S3616 Census 1841 Torbryan, Devonshire, England HO107/229/6 (Anthony Winsor).Mitchell Families 
472 S8589 Census 1841 Tormoham Parish, Devonshire, England HO107/229/15/25 (George Pearce)  (HO107/229/15/25).Mitchell Families 
473 S6528 Census 1841 Tormoham Parish, Devonshire, England HO107/229/15/25 (George Pearse)  (HO107/229/15/25).Mitchell Families 
474 S6518 Census 1841 Tormoham Parish, Devonshire, England HO107/229/9/12 (Thomas Pearse)  (HO107/229/9/12).Mitchell Families 
475 S3311 Census 1841 Torquay - St Marychurch, Devonshire, England HO107/28/10 (Edward Tamlin).Mitchell Families 
476 S3632 Census 1841 Torquay - Tormoham, Devonshire, England HO107/229/10 (Jacob Winsor).Mitchell Families 
477 S7614 Census 1841 Tring, Hertfordshire, England HO107/442/5/10/15 (Benjamin Barber)  (HO107/442/5/10/15).Mitchell Families 
478 S7622 Census 1841 Tring, Hertfordshire, England HO107/442/5/30/16 (Edmund Barber)  (HO107/442/5/30/16).Mitchell Families 
479 S4204 Census 1841 Tring, Hertfordshire, England HO107/442/7/P1 (William Goodson).Mitchell Families 
480 S6213 Census 1841 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England HO107/1182/9/26/1 (Sarah Page [Winterbotham])  (HO107/1182/9/26/1).Winterbotham Families 
481 S6636 Census 1841 Twickenham, Middlesex, England HO107/658/12/8 (James Kite)  (HO107/658/12/8).Mitchell Families 
482 S5185 Census 1841 Uffington, Berkshire, England HO107/27/16/P10 (Jeffrey Taylor).Mitchell Families 
483 S5171 Census 1841 Uffington, Berkshire, England HO107/27/16/P9 (Robert Breakspear).Mitchell Families 
484 S5188 Census 1841 Uffington, Berkshire, England HO107/27/18/P6 (Philip Breakspear).Mitchell Families 
485 S4606 Census 1841 Upton cum Chalvey, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/61/12/P4 (Henry Harris).Mitchell Families 
486 S3518 Census 1841 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England HO107/655/7 (William Hughes).Mitchell Families 
487 S3504 Census 1841 Walthamstow, Essex, England HO107/323/20 (John Monger).Mitchell Families 
488 S4301 Census 1841 Warwick, Warwickshire, England HO107/1155/2/P6 (George Hawkins).Mitchell Families 
489 S3455 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6 (Michael Broadway).Mitchell Families 
490 S3478 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6 (Thomas Broadway).Mitchell Families 
491 S3439 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6 (Thomas Broadway).Mitchell Families 
492 S8736 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6/2/4 (John Dennis)  (HO107/884/6/2/4).Mitchell Families 
493 S4915 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6/P2 (John Broadway).Mitchell Families 
494 S4914 Census 1841 Watlington, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/6/P2 (John Broadway).Mitchell Families 
495 S8308 Census 1841 Welshampton, Shropshire, England HO107/918/8/13/21 (William Lewis)  (HO107/918/8/13/21).Mitchell Families 
496 S8300 Census 1841 Welshhampton, Shropshire, England HO107/918/8/13/21 (Samuel Reece)  (HO107/918/8/13/21).Mitchell Families 
497 S3262 Census 1841 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/43/5 (George Wooster).Mitchell Families 
498 S3287 Census 1841 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/43/6 (Timothy Wooster).Mitchell Families 
499 S6659 Census 1841 Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/43/7/5/5 (Charlotte Moor [Wooster])  (HO107/43/7/5/5).Mitchell Families 
500 S8260 Census 1841 West Tisted, Hampshire, England HO107/382/15/7/9 (James Stubbs)  (HO107/382/15/7/9).Mitchell Families 

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