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201 S4933 Census 1841 Enstone, Oxfordshire, England HO107/878/11/P5 (John Cleaver).Mitchell Families 
202 S7998 Census 1841 Erdington, Birmingham, England HO107/1150/2/16/24 (Lindsey Winterbotham)  (HO107/1150/2/16/24).Winterbotham Families 
203 S7021 Census 1841 Erith, Kent, England HO107/482/12/8/9 (Joseph Tidy)  (HO107/482/12/8/9).Mitchell Families 
204 S8588 Census 1841 Ermington, Devonshire, England HO107/217/6/7 (Joseph Worth)  (HO107/217/6/7).Mitchell Families 
205 S4866 Census 1841 Exeter, Devonshire, England HO107/265/13/P5 (David Perkins).Mitchell Families 
206 S3398 Census 1841 Exeter, Devonshire, England HO107/265/9 (Richard C Banfill).Mitchell Families 
207 S4869 Census 1841 Exeter, Devonshire, England HO107/266/9/P10 (Jane Perkins).Mitchell Families 
208 S8602 Census 1841 Exminster, Devonshire, England HO107/219/22/12/19 (John Hutchings)  (HO107/219/22/12/19).Mitchell Families 
209 S8598 Census 1841 Exminster, Devonshire, England HO107/219/22/8/1 (Jane[Soper])  (HO107/219/22/8/1).Mitchell Families 
210 S4489 Census 1841 Exminster, Devonshire, England HO107/219/23/P6 (James Stokes).Mitchell Families 
211 S5075 Census 1841 Farnborough, Kent, England HO107/483/1/P9 (Robert Orgle).Mitchell Families 
212 S7420 Census 1841 Fawley, Hampshire, England HO107/402/4/31A/2 (William Westbrook)  (HO107/402/4/31A/2).Mitchell Families 
213 S7408 Census 1841 Fawley, Hampshire, England HO107/402/4/32/4 (Peter Westbrook)  (HO107/402/4/32/4).Mitchell Families 
214 S6676 Census 1841 Felixstowe, Suffolk, England HO107/1021/3/23 (Oliver Dew)  (HO107/1021/3/23).Mitchell Families 
215 S9924 Census 1841 Filkins, Oxfordshire, Engalnd HO107/872/13/7/10 (Thomas Swinford)  (HO107/872/13/7/10).Mitchell Families 
216 S8825 Census 1841 Finsbury, London, England HO107/665/6/54/27 (Thomas Hammersley)  (HO107/665/6/54/27).Mitchell Families 
217 S6105 Census 1841 Finsbury, London, England HO107/668/1/7 (Ann Winterbotham)  (HO107/668/1/7).Winterbotham Families 
218 S9666 Census 1841 Fordington, Dorset, England HO107/284/25/19/32 (Richard King, Snr)  (HO107/284/25/19/32).Mitchell Families 
219 S9662 Census 1841 Fordington, Dorset, England HO107/284/25/8/9 (John Caines)  (HO107/284/25/8/9).Mitchell Families 
220 S9538 Census 1841 Frogmore, Devonshire, England HO107/211/7/5/4 (Cornelius Rimes)  (HO107/211/7/5/4).Mitchell Families 
221 S9826 Census 1841 Frostenden, Suffolk, England HO107/1015/14/8/11 (Robert Tuthill)  (HO107/1015/14/8/11).Mitchell Families 
222 S8334 Census 1841 Froxfield, Hampshire, England HO107/396/3/8/11 (Michael Stubbs)  (HO107/396/3/8/11).Mitchell Families 
223 S9820 Census 1841 Fulham, London, England HO107/689/12/15/25 (Henry Martin)  (HO107/689/12/15/25).Mitchell Families 
224 S3836 Census 1841 Fulham, London, England HO107/738/17/P10 (George Mitchell).Mitchell Families 
225 S6644 Census 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England HO107/379/5/6/3 (Henry Rumsey)  (HO107/379/5/6/3).Winterbotham Families 
226 S6879 Census 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England HO107/379/6/7 (Ann [Mitchell])  (HO107/379/6/7).Mitchell Families 
227 S6047 Census 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England HO107/379/7/20 (Thomas Attwood)  (HO107/379/7/20).Mitchell Families 
228 S3383 Census 1841 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England HO107/379/9 (John Sweetman).Mitchell Families 
229 S9425 Census 1841 Govilon, Monmouthshire, Wales HO107/743/23/5/1 (Joseph Thorley)  (HO107/743/23/5/1).Mitchell Families 
230 S3232 Census 1841 Great Stanmore, Middlesex, England HO107/657/10 (Joseph Wooster).Mitchell Families 
231 S4614 Census 1841 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England HO107/794/1/P (Samuel Moore).Mitchell Families 
232 S5821 Census 1841 Greenford, Middlesex, England HO107/655/5/12/18 (William King)  (HO107/655/5/12/18).Mitchell Families 
233 S4436 Census 1841 Gwinear, Cornwall, England HO107/142/2 (James Rule).Mitchell Families 
234 S5613 Census 1841 Halberton, Devonshire, England HO107/222/11/16 (Abraham Western)  (HO107/222/11/16).Mitchell Families 
235 S3215 Census 1841 Harberton, Devonshire, England HO107/1211/20 (Andrew Williams).Mitchell Families 
236 S5118 Census 1841 Hayes, Kent, England HO107/483/6/P5 (John Brandon).Mitchell Families 
237 S9321 Census 1841 Heavitree (Exeter), Devonshire, England HO107/263/14/16/26 (John Langmead)  (HO107/263/14/16/26).Mitchell Families 
238 S8694 Census 1841 Heavitree (Exeter), Devonshire, England HO107/263/22/7/8 (Timothy Wooster)  (HO107/263/22/7/8).Mitchell Families 
239 S7265 Census 1841 Heavitree, Devonshire, England HO107/263/11/16 (James Reynolds)  (HO107/263/11/16).Mitchell Families 
240 S9290 Census 1841 Hempstead, Gloucestershire, England HO107/355/11/4/7 (John Boyce)  (HO107/355/11/4/7).Mitchell Families 
241 S9277 Census 1841 Hempstead, Gloucestershire, England HO107/355/11/5/9 (Samuel Boyce)  (HO107/355/11/5/9).Mitchell Families 
242 S4138 Census 1841 Henlow, Bedfordshire, England HO107/3 BOOK 7/P8 (William Payne).Mitchell Families 
243 S5975 Census 1841 Hereford, Herefordshire, England HO107/433/2/7 (William Geves)  (HO107/433/2/7).Mitchell Families 
244 S5976 Census 1841 Hereford, Herefordshire, England HO107/433/8/2/12 (Elizabeth Geaves)  (HO107/433/8/2/12).Mitchell Families 
245 S3244 Census 1841 Highweek, Devonshire, England HO107/253/19 (John Winsor).Mitchell Families 
246 S8221 Census 1841 Highworth, Wiltshire, England HO107/1178/12/10/10 (Thomas Eagles)  (HO107/1178/12/10/10).Mitchell Families 
247 S6585 Census 1841 Highworth, Wiltshire, England HO107/1178/15/5/18 (Robert Stokes)  (HO107/1178/15/5/18).Mitchell Families 
248 S9688 Census 1841 Hillingdon, Middlesex, England HO107/656/4/17/26 (William Mallenly)  (HO107/656/4/17/26).Mitchell Families 
249 S4302 Census 1841 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England HO107/445/2/P11 (John Crawley).Mitchell Families 
250 S4295 Census 1841 Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England HO107/445/3/P9 (Joseph Crawley).Mitchell Families 
251 S10082 Census 1841 Horley, Oxfordshire, England (Daniel Gardner)  (HO107/875/14/7/6).Mitchell Families 
252 S5874 Census 1841 Horsley, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/3/2 (Lewin Farmiloe)  (HO107/362/3/2).Mitchell Families 
253 S3749 Census 1841 Horsley, Gloucestershire, England HO107/362/4/5 (Joseph Mills).Mitchell Families 
254 S8784 Census 1841 Hullavington, Wiltshire, England HO107/1181/17/4/2 (Thomas Melsome)  (HO107/1181/17/4/2).Mitchell Families 
255 S5249 Census 1841 Hungerford, Berkshire, England HO107/21/8/9 (William Edmonds).Mitchell Families 
256 S9375 Census 1841 Hurley, Berkshire, England HO107/11/11/5/5 (Charlotte [Langman] Cannon)  (HO107/11/11/5/5).Mitchell Families 
257 S5187 Census 1841 Hurley, Berkshire, England HO107/11/4/P5 (Elizabeth [Langman]).Mitchell Families 
258 S6341 Census 1841 Hurst, Berkshire, England HO107/13/5/4/3 (James Hawkins)  (HO107/13/5/4/3).Mitchell Families 
259 S7454 Census 1841 Hythe, Hampshire, England HO107/402/4/11/165 (Elizabeth Lewis [Bowie])  (HO107/402/4/11/165).Mitchell Families 
260 S9899 Census 1841 Ibstone, Oxfordshire, England HO107/884/1/2/8 (James White)  (HO107/884/1/2/8).Mitchell Families 
261 S3176 Census 1841 Ideford, Devonshire, England (John Pasmore).Mitchell Families 
262 S6459 Census 1841 Ilsington, Devonshire, England HO107/253/4/2 (Joseph Denley)  (HO107/253/4/2).Mitchell Families 
263 S6460 Census 1841 Ilsington, Devonshire, England HO107/253/4/2 (Robert Denley)  (HO107/253/4/2).Mitchell Families 
264 S7587 Census 1841 Ipplepen, Devonshire, England HO107/2/1/5/5 (James Warren)  (HO107/2/1/5/5).Mitchell Families 
265 S9428 Census 1841 Ipplepen, Devonshire, England HO107/228/2/7/8 (William Adams)  (HO107/228/2/7/8).Mitchell Families 
266 S4051 Census 1841 Islington, London, England HO107/665/8/P3 (Joseph Hammersley).Mitchell Families 
267 S7062 Census 1841 Kenn, Devonshire, England HO107/220/1/16/27 (Richard Stokes)  (HO107/220/1/16/27).Mitchell Families 
268 S7063 Census 1841 Kenn, Devonshire, England HO107/220/1/17/14 (William Stokes)  (HO107/220/1/17/14).Mitchell Families 
269 S4507 Census 1841 Kenn, Devonshire, England HO107/220/1/P7 (Mary Stokes [Anning]).Mitchell Families 
270 S8595 Census 1841 Kenn, Devonshire, England HO107/220/10/8/9 (John Stokes)  (HO107/220/10/8/9).Mitchell Families 
271 S8596 Census 1841 Kenton, Devonshire, England HO107/220/5/5 (Elizabeth Walter [Stokes])  (HO107/220/5/5).Mitchell Families 
272 S4494 Census 1841 Kenton, Devonshire, England HO107/220/9/P3 (James Anning).Mitchell Families 
273 S6916 Census 1841 Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England HO107/1208/1/5 (William Beswick)  (HO107/1208/1/5).Mitchell Families 
274 S8036 Census 1891 Hampstead, London, England RG12/107/125/1 (James L Blumfield)  (RG12/107/125/1).Mitchell Families 
275 S10102 Census 1841 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England (Henry Goddard)  (HO107/392/12/11/16).Mitchell Families 
276 S7807 Census 1841 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England HO107/392/12/34/5 (John Cummins)  (HO107/392/12/34/5).Mitchell Families 
277 S4701 Census 1841 Kingsteignton, Devonshire, England HO107/253/25/P10 (William Puddicombe).Mitchell Families 
278 S9851 Census 1841 Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire, England HO107/883/3/12/19 (James Hester)  (HO107/883/3/12/19).Mitchell Families 
279 S9825 Census 1841 Kingston Blount, Oxfordshire, England HO107/883/3/13/21 (Charles Loader)  (HO107/883/3/13/21).Mitchell Families 
280 S5246 Census 1841 Kintbury, Berkshire, England HO107/21/13/11/16 (John Edmonds).Mitchell Families 
281 S3792 Census 1841 Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland, England HO107/1161/5/P11 (Daniel Hutton).Mitchell Families 
282 S3642 Census 1841 Kneesal, Nottinghamshire, England HO107/850/1 (John Knutton).Mitchell Families 
283 S6774 Census 1841 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England HO107/1310/10/10/12 (Charles Coward)  (HO107/1310/10/10/12).Mitchell Families 
284 S6760 Census 1841 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England HO107/1310/10/31/16 (Charles Coward)  (HO107/1310/10/31/16).Mitchell Families 
285 S6759 Census 1841 Knottingley, Yorkshire, England HO107/1310/10/31/16 (John Coward)  (HO107/1310/10/31/16).Mitchell Families 
286 S8363 Census 1841 Lambeth, London, England HO107/1058/4/57/26 (George Wooster)  (HO107/1058/4/57/26).Mitchell Families 
287 S7136 Census 1841 Lambeth, London, England HO107/1061/6/49/21 (Samuel Pembrey)  (HO107/1061/6/49/21).Mitchell Families 
288 S8199 Census 1841 Lancaster, Lancashire, England HO107553/2/15/24 (Clapham Shepherd)  (HO107553/2/15/24).Mitchell Families 
289 S3454 Census 1841 Langley Marish, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/61/3 (James Broadway).Mitchell Families 
290 S5717 Census 1841 Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales HO107/1382/9/20/4 (Elisha Furlong)  (HO107/1382/9/20/4).Mitchell Families 
291 S4560 Census 1841 Laycock, Wiltshire, England HO107/1172/6/P3 (Daniel Mitchell).Mitchell Families 
292 S9516 Census 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire, England HO107/1348/1/44/20 (Joseph Barber)  (HO107/1348/1/44/20).Mitchell Families 
293 S5699 Census 1841 Lewes, Sussex, England HO107/1120/1/33/11 (William Smith)  (HO107/1120/1/33/11).Mitchell Families 
294 S6403 Census 1841 Little Larkhill, Gloucestershire, England HO107/1181/27/5/2 (Robert Large)  (HO107/1181/27/5/2).Mitchell Families 
295 S6802 Census 1841 Liverpool, Merseyside, England HO107/561/19/15/23 (Anne [Leyland])  (HO107/561/19/15/23).Mitchell Families 
296 S3831 Census 1841 Llandebie, Carmarthenshire, Wales HO107/1384/12/P5 (John Walters).Mitchell Families 
297 S5851 Census 1841 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales HO107/1379/3/20/33 (Edward Monger)  (HO107/1379/3/20/33).Mitchell Families 
298 S6408 Census 1841 Longwick, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/42/11/7/9 (Joshua Kingham)  (HO107/42/11/7/9).Mitchell Families 
299 S4807 Census 1841 Luckington, Wiltshire, England HO107/1172/8/P1 (James Snell).Mitchell Families 
300 S4808 Census 1841 Luckington, Wiltshire, England HO107/1172/8/P1 (William Snell).Mitchell Families 

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