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101 S5459 Census 1841 Bermondsey, London, England HO107/1048/1/25/13 (Abraham Shepperd).Mitchell Families 
102 S4736 Census 1841 Bermondsey, London, England HO107/1048/4/P10 (John Manwaring).Mitchell Families 
103 S10030 Census 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England (Henry Wooster)  (HO107/691/11/16/25).Mitchell Families 
104 S8553 Census 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England HO107/691/18/29 (George Dadd)  (HO107/691/18/29).Mitchell Families 
105 S8805 Census 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England HO107/693/7/22/2 (John Wooster)  (HO107/693/7/22/2).Mitchell Families 
106 S5396 Census 1841 Bethnal Green, London, England HO107/694/3/29/20 (Charles Bendon).Mitchell Families 
107 S6497 Census 1841 Bickington, Devonshire, England HO107/253/5/5 (Jonathan Christophers)  (HO107/253/5/5).Mitchell Families 
108 S6498 Census 1841 Bickington, Devonshire, England HO107/253/5/5 (William Christophers)  (HO107/253/5/5).Mitchell Families 
109 S8544 Census 1841 Binsted, West Sussex, England HO107/1090/2/6/4 (James Hotston)  (HO107/1090/2/6/4).Mitchell Families 
110 S6973 Census 1841 Birmingham, West Midlands, England HO107/ (Timothy Gaynor)  (HO107/).Mitchell Families 
111 S3695 Census 1841 Birmingham, West Midlands, England HO107/1142/5 (Samuel Cox).Mitchell Families 
112 S6086 Census 1841 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England HO107/361/14/7 (Thomas Messinger)  (HO107/361/14/7).Mitchell Families 
113 S3901 Census 1841 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England HO107/361/14/P4 (Jonas Cryer).Mitchell Families 
114 S3897 Census 1841 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England HO107/361/14/P7 (George Cryer).Mitchell Families 
115 S5201 Census 1841 Bix, Oxfordshire, England HO107/874/1/P6 (Sarah [Nutt] [Piercey]).Mitchell Families 
116 S2979 Census 1841 Blackawton, DEV.Mitchell Families 
117 S4864 Census 1841 Blackawton, Devonshire, England HO107/211/3/P3 (Nicholas Bowhay).Mitchell Families 
118 S4876 Census 1841 Blackawton, Devonshire, England HO107/211/4/P1 (Samuel Foxworthy).Mitchell Families 
119 S4859 Census 1841 Blackawton, Devonshire, England HO107/211/4/P7 (Nicholas Bowhay).Mitchell Families 
120 S6039 Census 1841 Bodmin, Cornwall, England HO107/152/2/11 (Joel Bricknell)  (HO107/152/2/11).Mitchell Families 
121 S6034 Census 1841 Bodmin, Cornwall, England HO107/152/3/17 (George Bricknell)  (HO107/152/3/17).Mitchell Families 
122 S4540 Census 1841 Bourne, Lincolnshire, England HO107/615/22/P4 (Frances Berry [Adcock]).Mitchell Families 
123 S7084 Census 1841 Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, England HO107/253/11/5/5 (John Steer)  (HO107/253/11/5/5).Mitchell Families 
124 S7074 Census 1841 Bovey Tracey, Devonshire, England HO107/253/13/12/18 (Jospeh Steer)  (HO107/253/13/12/18).Mitchell Families 
125 S9828 Census 1841 Boyton, Suffolk, England HO107/1041/4/7/10 (James Tuthill)  (HO107/1041/4/7/10).Mitchell Families 
126 S9971 Census 1841 Bradenham, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/52/1/3/5 (Joseph Parslow)  (HO107/52/1/3/5).Mitchell Families 
127 S3801 Census 1841 Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire, England HO107/1166/1/P8 (Thomas Andrews).Mitchell Families 
128 S3803 Census 1841 Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire, England HO107/1166/9/P6 (Robert Ricketts).Mitchell Families 
129 S8695 Census 1841 Bradninch, Devonshire, England HO107/224/5/8/11 (Sarah Middleton)  (HO107/224/5/8/11).Mitchell Families 
130 S6630 Census 1841 Brighton, Sussex, England HO107/1121/6/8/8 (Joseph Field)  (HO107/1121/6/8/8).Mitchell Families 
131 S6938 Census 1841 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England HO107/378/1/6/6 (William Dowswell)  (HO107/378/1/6/6).Mitchell Families 
132 S3683 Census 1841 Bristol, Gloucestershire, England HO107/378/7 (George Cox).Mitchell Families 
133 S3451 Census 1841 Britwell Salome, Oxfordshire, England HO107/883/4 (Rhoda Broadway).Mitchell Families 
134 S4010 Census 1841 Bromham, Wiltshire, England HO107/1184/1 (James Pearce).Mitchell Families 
135 S4567 Census 1841 Bromham, Wiltshire, England HO107/1184/3/P4 (David Mitchel).Mitchell Families 
136 S4561 Census 1841 Bromham, Wiltshire, England HO107/1184/P3 (Jonathan Mitchell).Mitchell Families 
137 S7964 Census 1841 Bromyard, Worcestershire, England HO107/418/11/18/7 (Elisha Furlong)  (HO107/418/11/18/7).Mitchell Families 
138 S4097 Census 1841 Burstwick, Yorkshire, England HO107/1221/16/P2 (Thomas Marriott).Mitchell Families 
139 S4576 Census 1841 Calne, Wiltshire, England HO107/1168/3/P13 (Henry Harris).Mitchell Families 
140 S4554 Census 1841 Calne, Wiltshire, England HO107/1168/3/P8 (Mary Perkins).Mitchell Families 
141 S4620 Census 1841 Calne, Wiltshire, England HO107/1168/4/P16 (James C Hale).Mitchell Families 
142 S4894 Census 1841 Calne, Wiltshire, England HO107/1168/4/P17 (Rhoda Fisher [Jobbins]).Mitchell Families 
143 S5085 Census 1841 Camberwell, London, England HO107/1051/9/P10 (Thomas Wooster).Mitchell Families 
144 S8180 Census 1841 Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England HO107/405/13/11/17 (Isaac Cooke)  (HO107/405/13/11/17).Mitchell Families 
145 S5915 Census 1841 Caversham - Reading, Berkshire, England HO107/874/2/40/2 (Francis Patey)  (HO107/874/2/40/2).Mitchell Families 
146 S9324 Census 1841 Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, England HO107/881/4/15/24 (Sarah Woodwards [Fletcher])  (HO107/881/4/15/24).Mitchell Families 
147 S7567 Census 1841 Charlton, London, England HO107/492/3/16/24 (Jeremiah Sullivan)  (HO107/492/3/16/24).Mitchell Families 
148 S3415 Census 1841 Chawleigh, Devonshire, England HO107/251/1 (Andrew Tonkins).Mitchell Families 
149 S4742 Census 1841 Chawleigh, Devonshire, England HO107/251/1/P5 (George Ward).Mitchell Families 
150 S9877 Census 1841 Chawton, Hampshire, England HO107/381/11/7/8 (James Andrews)  (HO107/381/11/7/8).Mitchell Families 
151 S3111 Census 1841 Cheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset, England HO107/959/4 (Mary [Darby]).Mitchell Families 
152 S9801 Census 1841 Chelsea, London, England HO107/688/3/8/11 (William Merry)  (HO107/688/3/8/11).Mitchell Families 
153 S9766 Census 1841 Chelsea, London, England HO107/688/8/10/15 (William Gamble)  (HO107/688/8/10/15).Mitchell Families 
154 S6178 Census 1841 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England HO107/353/6/37/18 (Rayner Winterbotham)  (HO107/353/6/37/18).Winterbotham Families 
155 S6095 Census 1841 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England HO107/353/7/3 (John Brend Winterbotham)  (HO107/353/7/3).Winterbotham Families 
156 S6600 Census 1841 Chew Magna, Somerset, England HO107/938/4/13/20 (Richard Nash)  (HO107/938/4/13/20).Mitchell Families 
157 S7469 Census 1841 Chillerton, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England HO107/405/16/3/18 (Jeremiah Morris)  (HO107/405/16/3/18).Mitchell Families 
158 S9539 Census 1841 Chillington, Devonshire, England HO107/212/14/7/10 (Peter Rhymes)  (HO107/212/14/7/10).Mitchell Families 
159 S4643 Census 1841 Chippenham, Wiltshire, England HO107/1171/7/P9 (James Cox).Mitchell Families 
160 S8025 Census 1871 Golder's Green, Middlesex, England RG10/1330/116/22 (Ellen Jane Sinnett [Ellis])  (RG10/1330/116/22).Mitchell Families 
161 S6270 Census 1841 Chittlehamholt, Devonshire, England HO107/234/9/12/6 (Thomas Westacott)  (HO107/234/9/12/6).Mitchell Families 
162 S3207 Census 1841 Christow, Devonshire, England HO107/262/17 (John Sercombe).Mitchell Families 
163 S5331 Census 1841 Clerkenwell, London, England HO107/660/7/45/35 (John Wooster).Mitchell Families 
164 S8563 Census 1841 Clerkenwell, London, England HO107/661/5/32/17 (Meshech Smith)  (HO107/661/5/32/17).Mitchell Families 
165 S8496 Census 1841 Cley next the Sea, Norfolk, England HO107/776/26/11/16 (William Jarvis)  (HO107/776/26/11/16).Mitchell Families 
166 S4112 Census 1841 Clifton, Bedfordshire, England HO107/3/6/P10 (William Copperwaite).Mitchell Families 
167 S9713 Census 1841 Clyst St Lawrence, Devonshire, England HO107/210/10/4/3 (John Dymond)  (HO107/210/10/4/3).Mitchell Families 
168 S6352 Census 1841 Cobham, Kent, England HO107/457/5/22/8 (George Heaver)  (HO107/457/5/22/8).Mitchell Families 
169 S3563 Census 1841 Cold Ashton, Gloucestershire, England HO107/363/2 (Moses Toghill).Mitchell Families 
170 S3006 Census 1841 Compton Bassett, WIL HO107/1168/9.Mitchell Families 
171 S3729 Census 1841 Cookham, Berkshire, England HO107/15/17 (Hannah [Langman]).Mitchell Families 
172 S6656 Census 1841 Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire, England HO107/1169/7/8/8 (John Mitchell)  (HO107/1169/7/8/8).Mitchell Families 
173 S3774 Census 1841 Corsham, Wiltshire, England HO107/1171/12/P19 (Uriah Aust).Mitchell Families 
174 S5450 Census 1841 Crediton, Devonshire, England HO107/215/12/19 (James Langabeer).Mitchell Families 
175 S9431 Census 1841 Cripplegate, London, England HO107/727/9/7/10 (Charles Draysey)  (HO107/727/9/7/10).Mitchell Families 
176 S8027 Census 1841 Croydon, Surrey, England HO107/1078/7/45/21 (William Ellis)  (HO107/1078/7/45/21).Winterbotham Families 
177 S8390 Census 1841 Cuddington, Buckinghamshire, England HO107/40/10/7/8 (John Gibbs)  (HO107/40/10/7/8).Mitchell Families 
178 S6738 Census 1841 Dawlish, Devonshire, England HO107/219/10/15 (James Tuck)  (HO107/219/10/15).Mitchell Families 
179 S6451 Census 1841 Dawlish, Devonshire, England HO107/219/6/6 (Henry Tuck)  (HO107/219/6/6).Mitchell Families 
180 S6740 Census 1841 Dawlish, Devonshire, England HO107/219/8/10 (Rosamund Holman [Tuck])  (HO107/219/8/10).Mitchell Families 
181 S7575 Census 1841 Dean Prior, Devonshire, England HO107/247/3/6/7 (Richard Lane)  (HO107/247/3/6/7).Mitchell Families 
182 S9257 Census 1841 Deptford, Kent, England HO107/488/12/13/7/7 (John Hammersley)  (HO107/488/12/13/7/7).Mitchell Families 
183 S7174 Census 1841 Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England HO107/1268/6/51/26 (Joshua Oldroyd)  (HO107/1268/6/51/26).Mitchell Families 
184 S9471 Census 1841 Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, England HO107/1188/4/35/5 (William Dodimead)  (HO107/1188/4/35/5).Mitchell Families 
185 S7783 Census 1841 Dorking, Surrey, England HO107/1081/7/21/14 (James Joyce)  (HO107/1081/7/21/14).Mitchell Families 
186 S3135 Census 1841 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England HO107/1207/1 (Susan Andrews).Mitchell Families 
187 S3302 Census 1841 Dudley, West Midlands, England HO107/1196/14 (William Lloyd).Mitchell Families 
188 S8155 Census 1841 Dudley, West Midlands, England HO107/1196/2/45/38 (Henry Percy)  (HO107/1196/2/45/38).Mitchell Families 
189 S7129 Census 1841 Dudley, West Midlands, England HO107/1196/5/30/3 (Peter Lloyd)  (HO107/1196/5/30/3).Mitchell Families 
190 S8582 Census 1841 Dudley, West Midlands, England HO107/1196/9/11/15 (Joseph Bond)  (HO107/1196/9/11/15).Mitchell Families 
191 S8399 Census 1841 Dunster, Somerset, England HO107/936/4/17/2 (Worthington Prideaux)  (HO107/936/4/17/2).Mitchell Families 
192 S4368 Census 1841 Dunster, Somerset, England HO107/936/4/P1 (William Sloman).Mitchell Families 
193 S4984 Census 1841 East Looe, Cornwall, England HO107/153/12/P12 (Elizabeth [Skentelbury]).Mitchell Families 
194 S3925 Census 1841 East Ogwell, Devonshire, England HO107/263/26/P3 (John Jackman).Mitchell Families 
195 S6756 Census 1841 East Portlemouth, Devonshire, England HO107/212/4/7/4 (Richard Foale)  (HO107/212/4/7/4).Mitchell Families 
196 S5739 Census 1841 Eastcourt, Wiltshire, England HO107/1181/9/3/8 (John Peer)  (HO107/1181/9/3/8).Mitchell Families 
197 S4538 Census 1841 Edenham, Lincolnshire, England HO107/618/5/P5 (William Adcock).Mitchell Families 
198 S7223 Census 1841 Egg Buckland, Devonshire, England HO107/240/16/11/17 (William Stroud)  (HO107/240/16/11/17).Mitchell Families 
199 S3193 Census 1841 Eggesford, Devonshire, England HO107/251/11 (Robert Tunkin).Mitchell Families 
200 S7809 Census 1841 Englishcombe, Somerset, England HO107/961/6/11/17 (James Maggs)  (HO107/961/6/11/17).Mitchell Families 

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