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201 Albert was appointed Hon. Treasurer of the East Sussex branch of the Cameric Cigarette Card Club. The appointment took place at the home of the then Hon, Secretary of the club, Mr J.B. Brown. An article was published in the Hastings and St Leonards Observer on 25 February 1939 to mark the event. Pelluet, Albert Edmund (I24586)
202 Albert was named after his uncle, Albert Edward Dodimead. He spent much of his young life being cared for by his aunt Amy Martha Jane and her husband, Leonard Sleightholme. Dodimead, Albert Edward (I27144)
203 Albert was serving with the 1st Battalion, Devonshire Regiment. He was killed near Ypres. Dodimead, Albert Edward (I27126)
204 Albert's death was announced in the 'Bendigo Advertiser' on 25 November 1882. "On the 17th instant at his sister's residence, 14 Elm Street, Hotham, ALBERT WARN, aged 22 years. Tasmanian papers please copy." Everett, Albert Warn (I13771)
205 Albrow's birth was registered under the surname, HEAL and this is further reflected in the 1881 census of Reading, Berkshire where he is recorded as living with his mother Elizabeth Heal. However, when his mother married William Stacey in 1884, the marriage was recorded as Elizabeth Ferris to William Stacey. This suggests, although unconfirmed, that Albrow was in fact the illigitimate son of Elizabeth and an unknown Mr Heal. Following his mother's marriage, Albrow is known as Albrow STACEY until his own marriage, when he reverts to FERRIS.

Some sources indicate that Albrow's father was William Heal although there doesn't appear to be any marriage recorded for Heal/Ferris. 
Heal, Albrow William (I21901)
206 Alexander and Henrietta had Issue in Victoria, Australia Family F2950
207 Alexander and his eldest son (Alexander) William, sailed aboard the "Saxonia" for their new life in Canada. He was to be joined in 1922 by his wife Mary, their daughter Francis and 2 other sons, Gilbert and Wilfred. Alexander gave his profession as "Farming".
Into Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Starling, Alexander (I18002)
208 Alexander and his father, sailed aboard the "Saxonia". They were to be joined the following year by other family members. He have his profession as "Ostler".
Into Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Starling, Alexander William (I18005)
209 Alexander enlisted in the 3rd Battalion, 25th Reinforcement and held the rank of 'Private'. He embarked with his unit from Sydney, New South Wales, on board HMAT A14 'Euripides' on 31 October 1917 and returned to Australia on 8 November 1918. Stagg, Alexander William (I21023)
210 Alexander was granted Freedom of the City of London by Patrimony. His father, Alexander, was granted Freedom of the City of London in 1797. Tozer, Alexander (I18383)
211 Alfred arrived in London on board the TSS "Jal-Azad" on 21 September 1949. He gave his occupation as a "Merchant" and his destination address as: 141 Cromwell Road, Lyneworth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He was to be joined by his wife and son the following year.
Into Place: London, England 
Wooster, Alfred Reginald Hutton (I11387)
212 Alfred arrived in London with his mother on 15 September 1951 on board the SS "Mooltan". There destination address was given as: 141 Cromwell Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire where they were presumably to join Alfred senior. Alfred's occupation was given as "Student" and Winifred's was given as "Housewife".
Into Place: London, England 
Wooster, Alfred Barry Hutton (I11389)
213 Alfred described as a freeholder of a "house and 100 acres of land" White, Alfred (I28811)
214 Alfred left England for New South Wales, Australia.
Into Place: New South Wales, Australia 
de Rusett, Alfred Montague (I11549)
215 Alfred signed up to the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force, 180th Battalion. At that time he gave his next of kin as Ada Jerrome, wife and his trade was given as "Labourer" Jerrome, Alfred Joshia (I8763)
216 Alfred was a cricketter for a while. he played for Highgate School in 1878-1879. There are also a number of references to him in the London Gazette, in particular, on the 9 March 1883... "Gentleman Cadet, Alfred Wilberforce Leonard, from the Royal Military College, to be Lieutenant...." Leonard, Alfred Wilberforce (I22035)
217 Alfred was awarded the King's Police Medal Tozer, Alfred Robert (I23162)
218 Alfred was awarded the O.B.E. Tozer, Alfred Robert (I23162)
219 Alfred was illigitimate but following the marriage of his mother, Eliza, Alfred took the surname of his step-father. Luxford, Alfred George (I28689)
220 Alfred was registered as a Licentiate, Royal College of Physicians, London (L.R.C.P.). Festing-Smith, Alfred Charles L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (I15921)
221 Alfred's Cabinet Maker business was called into "Liquidation by Arranegment". This was reported in the London Gazette. Dadd, Alfred Daniel (I23704)
222 Alfred's Warrant Officer pensions record indicates that he served 16 years and 2 months in India and 4 years and 11 months out of India. He was also a bandsman during his service. Astridge, Alfred George (I25003)
223 Alfred, his parents, James and Charlotte, and his siblings, sailed aboard the ship "Berkshire" on a 4 month gruelling voyage to their new life in Australia. They arrived on 3 October 1848.
Into Place: Point Henry, Victoria, Australia 
White, Alfred (I28811)
224 Alice and Henry had a number of children. Family F6739
225 Alice and her husband Ronald, arrived on 8 August 1938 aboard the "Oropesa" from Mollendo, Peru. They give their last permanant country of residence as Bolivia.
From Place: Mollendo, Arequipa Region, Peru 
[Holmden], Alice Graham (I22152)
226 Alice and her husband Ronald, sailed aboard the "Oropesa". They were bound for Valparaiso, Chile.
To Place: Valparaiso, Chile 
[Holmden], Alice Graham (I22152)
227 Alice and Thomas were 1st cousins Family F6398
228 Alice appears in both the 1891 and 1901 censuses. However, there is no record of the birth of an Alice B Maggs in/around 1882. There is a Beatrice born about the right time. Could this be her? Maggs, Alice Blanche (I6280)
229 Alice departed from Liverpool on board the SS Regina with her siblings and mother. The voyage was scheduled to take 21 days and so they would have arrived on, or around 15 June 1923.
Into Place: Montréal, Québec, Canada 
Heaver, Alice May W (I16365)
230 Alice was a servant to Benjamin Grundy, a watchmaker. Lloyd, Alice (I3667)
231 Alice was a widow at the time of her marriage to Alfred. Alfred was a widower. Family F6389
232 Alice was a widow when she married George. her married name was Alice HILL. Family F4498
233 Alick was a Lieutenant serving with the 15th (The King's) Hussars. Cubitt, Lieut. Alick George (I20645)
234 All children before Eliza (1896) were registered as "Ather" (or a variation). All census entries from 1881 use the surname "Goff". The reason for this is unknown. Family F4957
235 All three children of James and Minnie Cox were entered into Private Education. Cyril left the school on 2 December 1927 to go to Cardiff and work as a farm boy in Carmarthenshire. Cox, Cyril Edwin (I10171)
236 All three children of James and Minnie Cox were entered into Private Education. James left the school on 6 June 1923 to go to Southampton and join the Mercantile Marine. Cox, James Frederick Claudian (I10169)
237 All three children of James and Minnie Cox were entered into Private Education. Olive left the school on 19 March 1926 and went back to live with her father, James. Cox, Olive Eileen (I10170)
238 Allegedly of Italian extraction Fazio, Maria Sophia (I22083)
239 Allegedly, this marriage was bigamous as George was still married to his first wife Elizabeth at the time of this marriage to Mary. Family F2977
240 Alloy Plant Sturgeon, Thomas John (I19460)
241 Along with another 1065 people, Ivor sailed aboard the ' SS Captain Cook' for the long voyage to New Zealand and a new life. At the time of his departure, he gave his profession as a "Railway Employee".
Into Place: New Zealand 
Hutt, Ivor Percival (I19007)
242 Alos in the household for this census is 1 General Domestic Servant. Leonard, Arthur Holms (I22036)
243 Alos residing at this address is William Hooper, a widower aged 71 and an Agricultural Labourer. He is probably Mary's father. Dunscombe, Henry (I4720)
244 Also at this address is: Lucy St Claire Rice, described as a visitor to Thomas. She is aged 4 years and was born in Exeter. I have been unable to identify exactly who she is. Bell, Thomas Pridham (I27199)
245 Also in the household are 3 servants Source (S7418)
246 Also in the household at the time of this census is Blanche A Heogan, a General Domestic Servant, also from St Helier. Pelluet, Arthur Abel (I24587)
247 Also in the household for this census are a Cook, a House Servant and a Nurse. Leonard, Alfred Selfe (I22033)
248 Also in the household in this census was: Annie Matthews, a widow, aged 50. Annie was described as a Servant and she was a Domestic Nurse. King, Mary Ann (I26666)
249 Also in this census and staying with Alexander and Sarah Ann, are Frederick George Hammond and his mother Rebecca Mercy (nee Grapes). Rebecca is the sister of Sarah Ann. Bowie, Alexander (I19551)
250 Also in this census are 13 servants of the household. Cubitt, Henry Baron Ashcombe of Dorking and of Bodiam Castle (I20636)
251 Also in this census are 5 Servants of the household. Leonard, Alfred Selfe (I22033)
252 Also in this census is Dinah Miles, Letitia's sister, aged 19, also from Haverfordwest. Bricknell, Herbert George (I4742)
253 Also in this census, 11 servants of the family are listed. Cubitt, George Baron Ashcombe of Dorking and of Bodiam Castle (I20633)
254 Also in this census, 13 servants of the family are listed. Cubitt, George Baron Ashcombe of Dorking and of Bodiam Castle (I20633)
255 Also in this census, is one William Bailey. Connection, if any, is unknown. Cleaver, John (I323)
256 Also listed on this census were 9 servants of the family. Source (S7781)
257 Also living with him was his brother, George, his sister-in-law, Eliza and their son, Edwin. Thomas, Edward (I2088)
258 Also living with the family at this time is one Richard Lock, aged 7. Is he connected with Mary Lock, Robert's second wife? Tunkin, Robert (I3080)
259 Also on board for this census, were 3 other sailors. Cockerham, Mary Ann (I17698)
260 Also on the electoral roll at this address was, Miss Agnes Maria Dodimead. So far, she hasn't been identified. Sheppard, Dorcas (I955)
261 Also present in the household, in this census, is one female servant. Ellis, Ethel Ellen (I22054)
262 Also present in this census are 2 servants of the household. Green, Edward Frederick (I23350)
263 Also present in this census were 7 servants of the family. Source (S7778)
264 Also present in this census were 7 servants of the family. Source (S7779)
265 Also present in this census were two female domestic servants. Starkey, Sarah (I25255)
266 Also present in this census, is a General Servant, Mary Haydon from Bradninch, Devonshire, aged 14 years. Wooster, Timothy (I24126)
267 Also present in this census, is a House Servant, Susan Scadding from Cullompton, Devonshire, aged 34 years. Wooster, Timothy (I24126)
268 Also reported in this census is that Charles and Agnes had 6 children and 2 of them had already died. Groom, Agnes Eliza (I29169)
269 Also resident at the same address was Sybil Elizabeth Potter, described as a "Guest", also of "Private Means", and Ethel Mary Richings, a general servant. Cox, Harriet Cole (I19099)
270 Also resident in the household for this census was Ann Keen, Sarah's sister. Ann gives her age as 66 and her status as single. Ann was born in Little Milton, Oxfordshire. Wooster, Henry (I29362)
271 Also resident in the household for this census, is a border, Paul Dressel. Paul is also a Manufacturer and Importer of Art/Needlework Goods and he is also a German. He is aged 30 and single. Petzold, Paul Clemens (I26215)
272 Also resident in their 29 roomed household, there were 8 domestic servants. Leyland, Frederick Dawson (I17935)
273 Also resident in this 15 roomed house are 8 servants of the household. Wingfield, Major General, The Honourable Maurice Anthony C.M.G.; C.V.O.; D.S.O. (I23314)
274 Also resident in this census, were 17 servants of the household. Grosvenor, Lady Mary Frances (I20666)
275 Also resident with the family in this census is, Charles Hilyer, a Pianoforte Tuner. Charles was to marry Rosina Furneaux the following year (1902) before movong to Willesden, London. Tuck, Jane Margaret (I16667)
276 Also used the name George Wood and George Brudenall at various times during his life. Burgess, George (I9475)
277 Also with Patience in this census is Sarah Morley, aged 76, Widow. Sarah is described as a "Boarder". Clarke, Patience (I20522)
278 Alternative spellings: Mitchburn, Mitchbourne or Mitchbourn Mitchburn, Martha (I25246)
279 Although all subsequent records point to a birth in 1851, no birth record has been found to date. Willis, Frederick (I17071)
280 Although Ann was living with William Munday in the 1851 census (as Ann Munday), there is no indication that they actually married. In fact, Ann is found in the 1861 census, correctly recorded as Ann Wooster. Family F7190
281 Although baptised in Southwark, I have not found any reference to the birth, marriage or death of Alice anywhere other than at the London Metropolitan Archives. Ricketts, Alice Amelia (I14524)
282 Although being nursed at the Royal London Hospital, John's address was given as 78 Donnington Road, Reading, Berkshire. Edmonds, John James (I11995)
283 Although born Albert Western, Albert and his brother Walter, were brought up by their uncle, James Langabeer and aunt Jane (Western). Whilst Walter retained his birth name, Albert took the Lanagbeer name. Western, Albert Edward (I12910)
284 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. You must register/log in to see this item. Living (I22222)
285 Although born Hilda Agatha Horlock, Hilda assumed the surname 'Stacey' after her mother's liason with George Stacey who was probably her father. Horlock, Hilda Agatha (I11667)
286 Although born in Argentina, Ethel made numerous return trips between Buenos Aires and the UK, sometimes with her family and sometimes alone or with her sister Helen. Conder, Ethel Lauriston (I16909)
287 Although born in Argentina, Helen was to make several trips to the UK with her parents. In 1930 she arrived in the UK as a student giving her place of intended permanent residence as England. However, she retiurned to Argentina on 23 September 1938 with her sister Ethel who had arrived earlier the same year to stay with her in Salford, Manchester. Conder, Helen Muriel (I16910)
288 Although born in London of Dutch Parents, in US censuses, Leon indicates that he is of the Hebrew Race. Keesing, Leon (I29063)
289 Although born in Victoria, Thomas' father was from Clutton, Near Bath in Somerset, England. It would seem that his parents emigrated to Victoria some time around 1855 and returned to London in 1870/1. Gullick, Thomas Disdale (I18744)
290 Although born Mary Butler, throughout her pre-marriage life she was known as Mary Cook. When she married, she gave her name as Mary Cook on her marriage certificate. Butler, Mary (I770)
291 Although census records indicate the birth of Samuel around 1883, I have not found any record of his birth despite extensive research. Sturgeon, Samuel (I19468)
292 Although christened George Quigley, by around 1821, George had assumed the name 'George Harris de Rusett'. He thought that this would 'enhance' his credibility in his business as a Hairdresser. Quigley, George (I11540)
293 Although Ebenezer's occupation is given as a Publican, the Workhouse Census described him as a "Pauper Imbecile". Winterbotham, Ebenezer (I15597)
294 Although Edwin appears in the 1861 census (aged 3), there is no other record for his birth or death that I have found. Faulks, Edwin (I21227)
295 Although Ernest and his wife, Gwendoline, were staying at this address, their abode was given as "The Oaks, Dilham, Norwich". Coggan, Ernest Leslie (I24217)
296 Although Frederick acquired the property in 1874 from Charles Somers (3rd Earl Somers), he didn't move in until July 1876. This was probably because he had the entire house extensively re-modelled. Leyland, Frederick Richards (I17930)
297 Although Gwendolione and her Husband, Ernest, were staying at this address, their abode was given as "The Oaks, Dilham, Norwich". Gee, Gwendoline Victoria (I24221)
298 Although his birth forename was registered as 'Frank', he often used the name 'Francis'. Pope, Frank Trethewey (I22521)
299 Although husband Arthur is not present on census night, the 1911 census summary indicates that the occupant of the house is "Capt Wooster". Welch, Edith Anne (I24177)
300 Although it appears that Lucy died in 1925, she is listed as a resident in 1928. Everett, Lucy Ann (I13768)

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